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Higher protein diet
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cincin - August 27

I have found that with a higher protein diet that I feel better,by no means sympton free, but better. I don't eat any red meat and if I cheat once in a while and grab that juicy greasy hamburger I feel like crap for the next few days and it sits like a rock in my stomach. I was introduced to a wonderful yogurt that has 0%fat and is high in protein(my only dairy)and eat raw fruits/vegetables throughout the day. Chicken, tuna, turkey, eggs are all high in protein. I also use a whey isolate for protein immediately after exercising or substitue it for food when my jaws are to sore to chew.I find it helps keep what muscle tone I have acheived if I can't exercise regularly due to pain/fatigue and of course lots of water.


du20 - January 13

I had been a rice-and-beans vegetarian for years when I went to a naturopathic physician who put me on a high protein diet. It made me feel lots better, as well. I feel guilty sometimes about the environmental problems meat consumption causes, but if it makes me feel well enough to hold a job, then I feel I am putting good into the world as a result of eating that meat. My doctor is also a big fan of fat, and she says that if you have fibro/CFS to not eat low-fat anything. (I noticed that yogurt.) Junk carbs make you fat, not fat. I weigh 115 at 45. My peak was 145 when my diet was carb city, low fat, of course, since I was an obedient young woman of the 80s and 90s. Now I eat meat, fish, tons of vegetables (RAW AND COOKED VEGETABLES WITH EACH MEAL, DR'S ORDERS) soaked nuts and seeds, small amounts of fruit, and lots of fat, like olive oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil and coconut butter, ghee, and meat fat since I don't degrease my homemade soups. Yum. I used to eat whole, unground grains in small amounts but I have stopped and feel better. I still know I have fibro, but I can function and I don't take drugs.



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