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High Arginine foods make you feel worse?
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January - March 16

I just started reading about high arginine foods (you can google to find a list) - and the ones at the top of the list are ones that I've been allergic to since childhood - or that often cause allergies. Shellfish. Nuts. Oats. and meat in general. I've been noticing I feel worse after I eat meat. Hmmm…. And you wonder about the people who go vegan and get so healthy. Anybody else have fibro and allergies to these foods?

Arginine is an amino acid and we need it in our bodies, however it needs to be maintained in proper balance with Lysine.

Low levels of Lysine are implicated in the aggravation of some viral illnesses. And Arginine is actually helpful for some viruses on a cellular level. Epstein Barr is one of these viruses. I'm still reading up...

So I'm wondering if the trick is to keep the balance right for YOUR body. I went out and bought some Lysine, and took it when I ate a small portion of meat yesterday. I'm not sure. I think I hurt worse today - but it could be weather.

If fibro is linked to a viral illness like XMRV - maybe Arginine and Lysine are somehow involved with this virus? Anybody else have any ideas, information or experiences to share?


Cher0208 - April 14

Hey January,

I believe I read about this when I was looking up Mycoplasma infections. I stopped all nuts for a while and did feel a lot better, but started eating meat everyday and am not feeling too good. It's a constant thing with the diet. Have to keep adding and eliminating as I go to get the perfect balance.


January - April 14

Hi Cher - I've been reading about keeping the body more alkaline with proper diet and supplements. Supposedly it keeps your immune system working much better. Didn't you used to be vegan? I think I read somewhere that was the best for keeping your body alkaline…?

I was eating a lot of nuts (especially almonds) this past year. But I noticed they were making my skin bad. Also, tree nuts are a common allergen - so I quit. Probably I was overdoing it though. With food allergies, what CAN you eat? Sometimes it's a challenge! : (

Was just talking to a friend who is doing the "new" Adkins diet -- and it seems a lot like the gluten free diet, which has really helped me.

Hope you're doing well!



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