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Gluten Free Food Ideas
40 Replies
January - July 4

This morning I decided to mix a protein shake with coffee. My first try was a disaster! I heated up a big mug of water in the microwave, and dumped in a scoop of protein powder - which clumped up into something like soft concrete. I had to trash the whole thing and start over.

I made a cup of coffee. In a separate cup I mixed Biochem protein powder with cold water - it dissolves easily. A few drops of olive oil because it's good for you. A little brown sugar and a scoop of D-ribose for energy. Then I mixed the two cups together in a large mug and added evaporated milk. It was really good, no clumping - I don't know how healthy it was - but it was gluten free, it woke me up, and I had some energy because I got a good dose of protein for breakfast.


Pikespeak - July 5

Sounds pretty crazy January! I once tried mixing my protein powder in a rootbeer float! Not bad!


January - July 6

Protein powder in root beer… now THAT'S creative! : )


valjoy - August 28

Gluten free recipes are the only thing that has helped me at all. I make my own bread now, very easy and all my sauces etc... are all gluten free, I am very careful to avoid eating gluten and it is paying off.


January - August 28

Valjoy - I agree!! Gluten free was probably the best thing I ever did for myself. It helped on so many levels, and even my blood work got better, so that proved it!


redrag1437 - March 24

I am seeing a acupuncturist now for my neck, shoulder and back pain, she suggeted that I start a Gluten Free diet. Now I am reading about it on this forum. Do you think it has helped with the pain?


valjoy - March 24

Hi redrag. The Gluten free may have helped some of the pain but at the same time the Dr. put me onto hormone replacement which may have helped with the neck and muscle pain, it is hard to say which one helped with the muscles but the Gluten free certainly helped with the extreme tiredness, especially during the afternoons and after eating. I would not go back onto gluten foods again, it has helped a lot. I broke my diet a few weeks ago as I thought I felt pretty crappy but I was unable to get out of bed so went back onto the diet and felt a lot better. I feel the weather plays a huge roll in this problem also. I am moving from the bottom of Australia to the top of Australia in 2 months. The weather down the bottom is extremely cold, damp and the barometer is always changing and knocks me out. The top of Australia is very warm and not damp at all and the barometer doesn't move, maybe one point and I feel a lot better there. Between the diet and new climate I hope I get great improvement. I have tried it as an experiment and I felt so much better so am going to live up North for one year house sitting for someone. Good Luck with your diet. I am curious to know what your weather is like regrag? Hope you feel a bit better on the diet, I am sure you will be. valjoy.


valjoy - March 24

Hi January, so glad you are on the Gluten free diet too, yes it does help. At least we have found something that helps us a little. Stick to it! valjoy.


Jocelyn - April 17

Just started my Gluten free diet on Saturday. Hoping it will help me or at least help my stomach or even help me lose some weight. We will see! Thanks for all the tips. I will have to try to make a shake, but I have to use Rice Milk because I am lactose intolerant and allergic to soy. So, fun fun fun!


valjoy - April 18

Hi Jocelyn, Good for you, fantastic. Give it a realy go and see how you feel. I know what to buy now, I love pasta so buy my noodles from the health food section of the supermarket, try health food shops also but some items can be expensive. We mainly buy fresh fruit and vegies daily and gluten free sausages are a good one too. Let me know how you are going. It is hard at first but after a while quite easy. I buy pkt cake mix which is gluten free, we now eat a fair bit of rice which I never used to touch but boought a rice cooker and it is so easy. Happy Cooking. xxx


Jocelyn - April 19


Do you have any soy allergies. I am doing well on my new diet, however, my selection of foods is a little more difficult because I have to find soy-free as well.

Is there a way to lower sugar in this diet, or is sugar not an issue. I've read some much about sugar I don't know how to eliminated it from my diet. All baking goods contain sugar.


valjoy - April 19

Hi Jocelyn, I use brewers sugar called Dextrose but you have to double up on it, not that I do, I still use one spoon in my tea if I have a drink, not that I use much sugar in my drinks, but cakes etc... I know people who double up on the Dextrose but I don't. It is much better for you than sugar. Unfortunately everything we buy is full of sugars and salt! Give the Dextrose a shot. Soy, no I don't think I am allergic to it, who knows the way I feel some days, but I don't have soy that much only soy sauce or a glass of soy milk now and then. Keep on trying, valjoy. x


Jocelyn - April 19

Thanks so much for the advice. Every little bit helps. I am doing well on the diet, my asthma is calming down for the first time in years. That, in itself, is great!


valjoy - April 19

Good Morning Jocelyn, It was great to wake up to your letter saying about your asthma already being a lot better. I feel so happy for you. Really stick to the Gluten Free Diet and give it a good go and you will see results I am certain of it. Try and get the Dextrose Sugar too.
Thinking of you. valjoy. x


Jocelyn - April 19

Good Evening Valjoy,

Thank you so much for your wonderful response to my post. You are so gracious and helpful as well. I am doing exactly as you say, I am sticking to it and every week I want to add something new, so this week I am going to look for the Dextrose Sugar. I have found some great recipes online for gluten free and soy free muffins and cookies. I will build up my supplies a little at a time because they are expensive. I have a whole foods store right in my town, but our local supermarket is starting to have gluten free ailse which are less expensive and are the same brand in the whole food market. So...things will work out for the best. My daughter has asthma and once I've been on this diet for a month, I am going to try and convince her to try it. I thinks she and her husband and son will do well on it.

Thank you for all your support and thinking of you too,
Jocelyn xoxo


January - April 30

Hi - I haven't been on this section for a while! Jocelyn and Valjoy, hello! I've been gluten free for about 5 years now - and my fibromyalgia muscle pain is completely gone! My pain issues now are due to old back injuries, and I guess aging joints are starting to act up. That flu-like aching and stiffness that I woke up with every day and the shoulder, neck and back aching (diagnosed as fibro) is gone.

Wanted to note that I read that many people with celiac disease/gluten intolerance are also lactose intolerant. Now that my diet is cleaned up, I don't tolerate a glass of milk very well either, but I can have a little - a bit of sour cream doesn't bother me.

I also read that diabetes runs in famlies along with celiac disease. My blood glucose was always right around 100, but when I took Cymbalta, it started to rise - one of the reasons I quit that drug! There is diabetes in my family. After being gluten free for a couple years, I got lots of bloodwork done - and my glucose level was around 80 - the lowest I ever remember, and all my other bloodwork problems had improved too. Yet i had been eating all the sugar I wanted!



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