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GF Strawberry treat
6 Replies
Pikespeak - May 25

This is a great little dessert when you're craving something sweet. Wash and hull fresh strawberries. Put a dollup of sour cream and a tablespoon of brown sugar on a plate. Surround with strawberries. Dip in sour cream, then in sugar. I know it sounds kind of weird, but absolutely amazing!


January - May 27

This looks GREAT!! I love mixed fresh strawberry/banana drowning in brown sugar, but the sour cream sounds like an interesting addition! Thanks!


Pikespeak - May 27

I'm a foodie, so I like to pass on interesting recipes that have been favorites at our back--I want to know how you like it! ;-) BTW, where do you live? Anywhere close to Colorado?


January - May 27

I WISH! Stuck on the East Coast for now. Not my favorite place.

I found some super tasty stone-ground corn chips. Gluten-free! I can only find them at BJs, a big warehouse store - they are called Xochitl - in a big beige bag with red writing. NO preservatives, GMO, or trans-fats. They replace all the chips I can't have. I'm using them a zillion ways - taco salad, nachos with cheese, tomatoes, avocado, etc.

I don't cook a lot so I've found some good gluten free frozen food - there's some awful stuff out there - but the ones I (and others!) like are made by Caesar, Kettle Cuisine and Amy's.

Foods by George has excellent gluten free brownies! I already know I will love the sour cream and strawberries idea, just filing my report early! : ) Thanks for the idea!


Pikespeak - May 29

Hi January! Perhaps we should start a thread for GF/low carb ideas...I bet others would contribute. What do you think? As for you living on the east coast, I sure would like to smell the sea air, go deep sea fishing and eat some fresh catch! My next trip is to travel down the eastern seaboard (from Maryland to Florida).


January - May 29

Hi pikespeak - I'll start a thread tonight for gluten free ideas! It would be good to learn from others because there are lots more gluten free foods now, but some of them taste like cardboard!

Have you been down the coast before? It IS a nice trip - there are so many beautiful places, Maine to Fla. There are great parks and educational programs. The Chesapeake Bay is a wonder in itself, a natural water filter - but losing the battle with pollution. NC coast is gorgeous. It's all so different as you travel down to Fla. Hope you will be able to take your time and see things.

Sigh. I'm allergic to shellfish - so if I eat at a restaurant near the ocean, I usually get sick because there's shellfish residue on everything! It wasn't such a problem when I was younger, but it is now. (Blame it on the fibro? Or whatever triggered my gluten problem.)


reneelynnfox - February 3

Hello y'all :) Did u start the gluten free sight yet ? Would love to hear some ideas ... BTW pikespeaks I lived in the springs in the late 80s loved it ! :)



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