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Foods to avoid
24 Replies
Jessica Hoel - July 24

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999. I struggled with it for years. I read many books on the subject and thought I was stuck with it for life. I found that exercise and eating orgainc food helped, but the real CURE (at least for me) was becoming a organic raw vegan. Now that I don't eat animal proteins, I don't have symptoms of fibromyalgia anymore. If I eat foods with animal proteins, I will get symtoms back within two days. My suggestion for anyone struggling with fibromyalgia is to cut animal protein from your diet. It will take some time for you to feel the difference, but you will. You will also loose a lot of weight. Myself, and 2 friends lost about 25 lbs in a couple of months (I didn't need to).


colleen steele - November 12

Hi Bill..My Dr. says caffine,smoking,and things like that we know are bad for us anyway to not do that of course.All of the above are very hard for me as I smoke and love my coffee, tea,and soft drinks . He did tell me that all the red fruits and veggies are the best thing to eat and to eat as much as you can.Such as pomegrantes,grapes, strawberries,peaches,apples
get the picture. Luckly for me I do love all of those and other kinds of fruit and veggies too.No one of either seems to effect my fibro.I find spicy foods are the worst for me and I live in New Orleans so thats kind of hard. It drives my husband nuts cause I won't cook spicy. Which is a good thing in a way cause I like getting him mad.LOL!!! Take care and I hope you find what works for you.....Sincerly


jhummel03 - December 19

I've been trying to increase my protein intake. That seems to be helping a little. I read that we need to avoind white breads & sugars. Hope this helps.


ontoplady - December 23

I recently had food allegy testing, it was done intradermally, and I was tested for over 60 foods. Amazingly enough, I am allegic to about 25. It's been really tough and a challenge to eat and avoid those foods, which are common. My list of allergenic foods includes all nightshades, cucumbers, broccoli, oats,
celery, carrots, wheat, dairy, soy, citrus,romaine lettuce, sugar, chocolate.
I knew about the sugar and chocolate. If II eat too much sugar, which is usually combined with wheat, I feel awful for a few days. I have found that I can eat very small amounts of anything and it's ok. The doctor gave me food allergy drops to take after eating but I try to use them only when I've eaten poorly, as they are expensive. I've read that one of the best ways to determine food sensitivity is to keep a diary and also be aware of your pulse rate, which will increase after eating an allergenic food. I'm also allergic to nuts and potatoes. I love vegetables so this is hard but I do the best I can. I thought my dr. was off track with this one, but she wasn't. Anyone out there have suggestions for a cookbook that deals with multiple food allergies?
Good luck to all of you. I wish you peace.


ontoplady - December 23

I had food allergy testing done intradermally for over sixty foods and found I am allergic to 25 common foods, including all nightshades, sugar, chocolate and citrus. I 've found I can eat very small amounts of anything and I'm ok, but nothing more. The dr. made up food allergy drops for me to take after eating which seem to help. Anyone know of any cookbooks that deal with multiple food allergies? Good luck to all. I wish you peace.


elysebur - May 5

My doctor has suggested removing wheat from my diet this has reduced the pains and fluid retention. I did have absolutly no pain including no PMS swelling when I also removed Dairy from my diet. I know this makes me feel alot better but it is very hard to live without wheat and dairy. Hope this helps someone. Give it a try.


Alchemist-D - May 14

Few Medical Doctors will be able to help you. My son is a Doctor (MD) and admits his own ignorance...they dont teach nutrition in Med school.

Too often we have specific allergies that are just ours...specific to us, not specific to a dis-ease. You need to find out what YOUR specific problem foods are.

First start keeping a complete record of diet and day-by-day (or hour-by-hour health. Then I suggest you find a good 'homeopathic' doctor in your area and do some allergy and sensitivity tests.

After five years of stumbling through regular 'pill-pushers', we finally realized what was needed and found one with a regular Medical Degree, who has a full-time homeopathic practice and gets results.

He was also willing to refer us to other non-PhD technicians (cheaper by the hour) who also do good work. In picking such a 'doctor', seek trusted references. The testing often looks like quackery (and sometimes it is) but dedicated people do have success with these practices.

Good Luck


fibromom05 - May 22

After reading through all the post, it seems to me that something different is working for everyone and I keep noticing that we need to stay away from nightshade foods. So that looks like it helps. Lots of people say to stay away from meat, some people say that adding more meat helps. So I think it just depends on your body. I notice Red heavy meats and pork do a number on my body and my bowels! No fun! I love veggies so I'm tryign to really cut back on red meats and eat more veggies.


freckle - August 31

definetely no aspartame and msg for me, no citrus and tomato and no corn, if one is to stay away from nightshade does this mean no smoking also, tobacco is a nightshade



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