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Foods to avoid
24 Replies
Bill - July 24

Are there any foods that typically aggrivate the conditions of fibromyalgia?


judy - June 13

I don't know


shazz - June 15

i have been told that if you can avoid citrus fruits ,


Joe S - June 30

HUGE LEAP! I was told to avoid foods from the "night shade" group: avoid tomatos, potatos, bellpeppers, eggplant and others. If i eat a bag of french fries, 30 minutes to 3 hours later, I get severe muscle spasms- they are so active, that others watch in amzement as a muscle twitches violently for minutes on end. I experiemented this way for a while and am now 100% convinced of the correlation. Sometimes, tomatos will kill me the next day. It is harder to connect what I eat 1-3 days ago with present symtoms, so this has a huge victory to learn. Test yourself. Get off all night shades for a few weeks, then bombard your body with one and see if you react. I need these kinds of action reaction proof- FM makes me insane with the apparent lack of logic to its functions (disfunctions actually.).


[email protected] - July 4

does fibromyalgia cause knee hurts & sweii


KimH - July 5

I am in PT for my knees, they were swollen and in pain at the joint, but there is no damage to the knee. I have to now see an orthopedist and a rheumatologist....


karmayogi - February 17

For me definitely MSG, soysauce and nutrasweet. It hists me withing minutes. An intense pain starts creeping all over my body.


Kim - February 17

I had a bad flareup after drinking a glass of red wine. About 30 minutes after drinking the glass, I had excruciating pain in my shoulder that lasted for about 3 days then went away like nothing happened. I have migratory pain with my FMS so I am never sure where the pain will show up next. I have also found tomatoes cause flare ups.


Henny - March 8

After suffering from FMS for about 10 years but only diagnosed 3 years ago I went to see a Naturapath. He advised me to avoid all foods in the nightshade family, chocolate, avocado, bananas and pork. I also take natural remidy suppliments like Fibreplex plus, Sodium Ascorbate, with Vitamens B & E. I have been clear of symptoms now for about 18 months, and I sleep like a log. I can now also have small amounts of the nightshade family without paying the price with pain.


Kim - March 8

Where can I get a listing of the night shade" food groups? I am now thinking that some of my flare ups may be caused by these foods.


wendy - April 14

felt much better after eliminating milk


Brenda - May 6

I have been taking a supplement called 5thp and it helps with the stiffness and pain


Amy - May 9

Yes, too much caffeine or alcohol defininetly, too many processed foods


Anne Hillebrand - June 2

No acidy foods - tomatoes, citrus, etc. Also no soft drinks due to high acid.

But I love sweet iced tea and chocolate, so some must have other problems, too.

I can eat eggplant no problem. And parmesan cheese, But not eggplant parmesan with tomato sauce.


Chris - June 2

Hi Bill; personally, I've quit eating meat and switched to Whole foods ie: raw veggies and fruit. The only time I don't eat tomatoes and citrus fruit is when my acid reflux acts up. Then I use some Aloe Vera juice in water, I also eat a little cheese and some milk in my diet. I find anything with a lot of chemicals in it just causes more problems for me. It was hard to give up the steaks I loved so much, but I do feel a little better, and that's good. Best of luck to you Bill.


dean - July 16

what food aggrivate fibromyalgia


Jessica Hoel - July 24

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999. I struggled with it for years. I read many books on the subject and thought I was stuck with it for life. I found that exercise and eating orgainc food helped, but the real CURE (at least for me) was becoming a organic raw vegan. Now that I don't eat animal proteins, I don't have symptoms of fibromyalgia anymore. If I eat foods with animal proteins, I will get symtoms back within two days. My suggestion for anyone struggling with fibromyalgia is to cut animal protein from your diet. It will take some time for you to feel the difference, but you will. You will also loose a lot of weight. Myself, and 2 friends lost about 25 lbs in a couple of months (I didn't need to).



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