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food allergies and Fibromyalgia
2 Replies
WendyW - May 4

Does a change in diet (ie. food allergies) help with symptoms of Fibromyalgia?


Cori - March 29

Yes, I gave up sugar years ago and it was the best thing I did for myself. I have to becareful to not eat wheat also. I try to stay completely away from white flour if at all possible. When I was eating sugar I had sever swelling in my feet and it took several steps after sitting or laying down to not have so much pain in my feet when I got up to walk. Within a week of not eating sugar the the swelling went away and the pain was gone. I was just told by my allergist that I was basically allergic to all air born pollens, dogs, cats and possibly foods. She said after I got my allergies under control that my Fibromyalgia should be almost gone if not non existant. It seems my body aches more when the weather is going to be bad my allergies act up. She said it was due to my mold allergies. I believe that getting off the sugar helped my candida problems which in turn helped my Fibromyalgia. So maybe after I've been taking the allergy shots for a while I might not wake up so tired and hurt when it is going to storm. This might not help everyone but it sure helped me. Good Luck!!!


arvee - May 4

I am not sure if I have fibromyalgia or myofascial pain but I have this pain in my right thigh for more than 4 months. So much so that even little walking causes pain. I have tried eveything, taking rest, NSAID, massage but I am still not symptom free. Now I am suspecting that I might be allegic to foods like dairy products, soy wheat, oat (I do not know which one). Last week I had a lot of cheese and my symptom worsened. I will be trying elimination diet to figure out the culprit. Following sites have experiences of people who could become sysmptom free by identifying the food allergy like gluten, dairy products and soy. Perhaps it will help you.

have noticed that I have been consuming dairy products, soy and wheat in good deal.

Good luck.



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