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Fibro and hypoglycemia
8 Replies
solanadelfina - January 10

Just as the pain is getting under control, the fibro decided to be sneaky and ante up the lightheadedness factor. After doing some research, we're starting to think I have hypoglycemia as well. (An endocrinologist said nay, but the symptoms are causing us to think otherwise.)

I do plan on going to the Mayo and getting a full work-up, and have been trying to follow a good low carb diet in the meantime, with many little meals scattered. Has anyone any suggestions for good cookbooks, or sneaky substitutes on favorites? We used to buy a sugar substitute called Sprinkle Sweet when my grandmother with diabetes would come to stay, and I plan to look for the Stevia that I've seen Fantod mention.

Also, if anyone else has followed this path, is it normal for the lightheadedness to continue for hours as the body readjusts? I'm still having to touch walls or shelves for support to keep my balance, and have wondered a few times if it might be wise to pick up a cane for being in public. (Too bad sword canes are illegal... :) )

Thank you for any suggestions. God bless and many hugs!


Fantod - January 11

Hello solanadelfina - I just read your note. Stevia is now being marketed as "Truvia" and is start to appear in regular grocery stores. I just clipped a coupon for it. Take care.


writerchick - January 28

I have hypoglycemia with FMS. In fact, my non-fasting sugar level likes to stay about 55. The Sugarbusters series of cookbooks and information are great. My second recommendation, Sugar Bust for Life with the Brennans. Easy, good, and stable recipes that I actually look forward to eating. For the occasional oops, I need to eat NOW away from home, I keep Atkins bars in my bag. They taste good and are lower in the sugars than the other brands that taste worth eating. Be cautious about the artificial sweeteners, some of them can affect sugr levels (like Splenda) and the ones with Aspertame can cause problems with pain.


axxie - February 11

Hey solanadelfina, use the cookbook for people who have diabetes. As for hypoglycemia, yes I have that, was actually told this way before I started strong symptoms of FM. My doc says yes, you can but may not show up on your test result. Because you may be in the normal range, but it's the norm for normal people not people with FM. Let us know what Mayo says. I was at one point needing a cane, but now that they have my vit defiencies corrected I don't need the cane. I vote for the sword cane, yes it's too bad it's illegal (lol) :)))


solanadelfina - February 11

Thanks, you guys. I found a copy of the Sugarbusters book at work and have been enjoying it greatly, and have been hitting our diabetic cooking shelf hard. (Yay, can still have green and white tea in moderation!)

I ended up going to see my primary doc again, and she also isn't quite sure about the hypoglycemia, but doesn't see a problem with continuing the healthy diet with the small meals. My mom's borrowed a blood sugar test kit, and while the levels have only been about 90 after meals, they've stayed in the "normal for normals" range. I also learned that when a container of Equal says that the sweetness goes away when heated, it's not a good substitute to use for brownies!! Whoops...

The next step is going to see a neurologist to see if something funky in my ears is causing the lightheadedness. I've noticed it gets worse when I change positions, (which I have to do a lot when working in a bookstore), and rarely happens at home. Hmmmm, might not be a bad idea to check the vitamin levels, as well.

As always, thank you all!


kimmieCollas - August 29

Be careful with the low carb thing, if it IS hypoglycemia, you need SOME carbs. the best way to be sure is to get yourself a glucometer and keep a check on your blood sugar levels, especially after eating, If you're not getting enough carbs, the levels will stay low all the time, and you'll stay lightheaded. Levels should be 80 to 120 mg/dl after an 8 hour fast, and can go as high as 220 mg/dl 2 hours after a meal. Anything below 70 mg/dl is too low (your cells won't get enough fuel at those levels, and you can start getting organ damage,) and below 60 mg/dl is getting into dangerous territory.


solanadelfina - August 29

Thanks, we actually do have one borrowed from my mom's client. The funny thing is, my blood sugar stays around 90 or 100 after fasting or just after a meal, so go figure. I'm not eating low carb, just low sugar. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables and rice and some grains in my diet, in addition to plenty of protein (meat and otherwise) to stay full.

Great news on this one. I went to an internist that FINALLY KNOWS how to take care of fibro. (Cue the angel choir singing "Hallelujah!") He ordered up a bunch of tests that my regular doctor missed, including ten food allergies and tests for insulin resistance. I'm thinking that once I finally get a few more answers, I'll tweak my current regimen and start feeling even better. (It would be great to lose the cane/grabbing shelves.)

Thanks for all the wonderful responses! You guys rock!


sernadak - September 16

Sorry to hear that you are having problems. I have been living with FMS and hypoglycemia for over 20 years. The ups and downs are the worst part for me. I'll do well for a while and then without warning things change and I'll have days of problems. Hypoglycemia isn't a disease in itself, it simply means that you either have too much insulin or low blood sugar. I have found that whenever I let it get bad, even after I eat the dizziness and "off" feeling lasts until I sleep and start a new day. I personally don't like to use any sugar substitutes, I opt instead to use applesauce or other fruit for sweetening in baking, raw sugar for everthing else. I just use about half (like on cereal or in tea). My taste buds have adjusted and I actually like things less sweet these days. A really great low carb cookbook is The Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program by Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller. It has tons of recipes and guidelines to eating low carb style. I'm going to stop rambling now! Good luck!


Canada17 - November 10

I think I have hypoglycemia, though no clinical diagnosis. When I eat sugar I feel ill. When I get hungry, I get very lightheaded and cranky and ill feeling. When I need to eat, I need to eat now or I feel like I might pass out. This is a fairly recent change and I know I get enough protein in my diet so it's not fun! I can't imagine doing a fasting test to find out, I don't think I would make it 8 hours let alone 12!



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