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7 Replies
Amanda - June 2

How can I change the fact that I am always fatigue? I know that exercise is supposed to help but I just don't have the energy to get up and make myself do it.


Kimmy - June 2

I have the same issue. The overwhelming fatigue. Strangely my activity level doesn't seem to affect my pain level. I currently work 5 full 8 hour days a week and waitress for 16 to 30 hours a week as well. I am in the same pain and fatigue level as I was when I was unemployed and sleeping all day.

The unfortunate thing is that I believe my depression meds etc have caused weight gain. I haven't changed my eating habits but have gained quite a lot since starting my meds.
If someone has suggestions for overcoming the fatigue I would be interested too. You have my empathy and have been added to my prayers.


AmberRose - October 1

If i want to avoid fatigue i go to bed by nine i have sleeping pilsl to help me acomplish that because if not i can be up tell 4 am ive tried everything else! Sometimes doing meditation helps me . I havn't taken a course but i focus on breathing it dosnt' allways work but its good for those times i dont want to take pills. Even when i do sleep without pills though i have weird and frightning dreams that wake me up and a husband that snores its tough but you just need to find the thing that works for you, do you have insomnia? Maybe you should get refered to a sleep analyst? Also i used to work graveyards becuase i couldnt stand the thought of putting my kids in daycare becuase my hwole pay would go to daycare and it would ahve been pointless.. i had to quit that several times becasue after 8 hours i had to sleep 16 and still coudlnt get up...and i had been doing nights for years without problems untill last year. I excersised and ate so healthy for a whole year and nothing changed untill i started goign to bed at a decent time...which is very hard. But i also have started to lose wieght dont know if thats related


neuro1 - April 5

Fatigue is my overwhelming problem too! I can sleep 20 hours a day if I let myself. But I notice if I things that help me relax a little more and follow a routine...I can minimize some of my fatigue. I like yoga/'s one of the few things I find that relaxes me.
But I have yet to find a solution to get rid of my exhaustion


Marge - June 8

I FORCE myself to exercise 5 days a week and sleep 8 hours a night (no more or less). I eat low fat and low sugar and try to stay away from negative people. The pain and fatigue is under control as long as I can keep myself under control.
If I get a virus and can not work out for a few days I am sooo tired. I know it works.


curleejo - June 10

I changed my diet, my sleep habits, and my mattress. I'm finally feeling a more energetic. I've been doing an anti-candida (yeast) diet and taking some anti-candida herbs after reading a number of doctor's web pages that say candida can definitely contribute to FMS. It has helped immensely. My symptoms are now very mild. But I still have to go to bed on time and get my 8-9 hours. My new sleep number bed helps, too. But I think the diet and the candida cleanse were the main things. Before them, It could take me hours to fall asleep and if I got woken up in the middle of the night, which is almost garanteed with three kids under 5 and husband that snores, I was up for another 2-4 hours. But after a few weeks of diet and herbs. I feel almost normal again. There's a questionaire to help determine if candida could be affecting your health. It's available on a number of different websites. The only one I recall is Hope that helps.


hellou - March 7

Hi i have the same problem. I can hardly drag myself about most days and the thought of doing exercise sends me cold.I have just sought the help of a counsellor.We set tasksfor me to do even on the days that I can't face doing anything.It may be a short walk to the post box or just hanging doing a bit of yoga.Counselling is expensive and I have had to limit myself to only a few sessions but keeping a diary of the tasks and knowing that I have to show her that I have done them helps me to make sure that I do.Perhaps you could enlist the help of a friend to help you work out some small achievable exercise tasks and report back to them.


VVickers - May 9

Have you looked at the website? It has some great ideas that seem to be helping me.



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