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riverleigh - May 24

Does any one here find when they are exhausted that food cravings run rampant? I am not overweight, I exercise, hold down a job as a nurse. Basically I battle through fibromyalgia's ups and downs-but these food cravings are just driving me mad! I am so exhausted I want to do nothing but eat-how weird is that?


ShesRestored - June 15


LOL- I thought i was pregnant every month for the past few months because of these ridiculous food cravings! And I have gained about 10 pounds eating all these foods! It is the weidest! It is a new thing for me to have them but not necessarily when fatigued. Worth looking into!


Fantod - June 15

I don't think that your cravings are odd at all. Your body is simply looking for some fuel to keep going. Unfortunately, most of us will reach for something easy like chocolate to give ourselves a boost. It is important with fibromyalgia FMS) to eat several small high protein meals throughout the day. Stabalizing your blood sugar will likely stave off eating yummy stuff that adds calories but no long lasting energy.

You might want to also consider if something emotional is triggering your eating habits. Handling FMS is pretty overwhelming. A bad day is certainly full of temptation to eat some comfort food. I usually try a piece of gum or some cold water first. I'll give it 20 minutes and try to keep myself busy. If I really cannot ignore those cookies, at least the water has filled me up somewhat so I eat less.

You might also consider a B12 with folic acid sublingual tablet to help with energy. The folic acid helps absorb the B12 into your system. To use a sublingual tablet you must do the following:
nothing to eat or drink for 30 minutes before and after, no smoking for the same interval, no teeth brushing either. Let it dissolve under your tongue. You can find these at any decent health food store.

I hope that my comments were helpful to you in some way. Take care.


bbass - June 22

Have you tried chromium picolinate? I have blood sugar issues and food cravings (especially week before period). I have been taking chromium for several months now, and it helps so much. Especially with the I got to eat now or I am going to kill someone feeling. Anyway, just a thought. Though I just noticed that your post is a year old, so you probably already figured your problem out.


RavenFax - June 24

lol I have been wondering where my "comfort" food cravings have been from. this could be it.


Juliamac - July 6

I was so glad to read about a link between exhaustion and food cravings. Yesterday was so bad - exhaustion and overall pain - and I wanted to snack on things that definitely make me feel worse (bread - have found if I avoid it, I feel better). There must be a link - at least we know some of us have that link!


Draco - August 18

I can't eat bread either what a coincidence! I've found out it's the yeast I can't take, along with anythng dairy and egg white, my diet is GREAT FUN :) I get my food craving at around 2am, I swear it's the neurontin that triggers mine, and also could be the tiredness now it's been mentioned. I keep a box of oat and nut cereal beside the bed now so I get something sweet but it's not chocolate or cookies :)


sas73 - August 23

i mainly crave for anything with sugar, and i hate it. i'm very weight concious and always watch what i eat and never had a sweet tooth in my life till now. it worries me! i get very lathargic and want to boost my energy to get through my days, but often deprive myself of what i want due to fear of putting on the weight. i drive myself mad and my son



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