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Doesn't lowering your carb intake make the fatigue worse?
4 Replies
Alison - February 24

I've seen lots of posts suggesting a low carb diet, but I was told by a nutritionist that low carb diets are a bad idea for people who suffer chronic fatigue. She suggested eating low GI foods regularly during the day. I also get symptoms of hypoglycemia, although blood tests say I don't have it. There is a condition that mimics it that is apparently common in FM people, and once again a low carb diet makes it worse. How do you find a balance?


Jean - January 8

Hi Allison: To find the balance is trial and error. Work this through with your doctor to determine how to handle this problem even with a nutritionist. Keep a journal always.


Mist - February 19

Low carb isn't a problem with fibros or cfs usually its no-carb that would be. My experience is that our bodies can't move as much or as fast as the normal person therfore we can burn the same amount of carbs(this isnt the same for underwieght people) so they turn to fat even though it seems like we are eating less than others. I've had to raise my protien level ,a good amount in the morning like a high shake of 20g cut out as much bread as possible and anything white (white flour , white sugar, white rice ect....pasta) now I'm not crazy about it I allow myself some of this stuff all the time but i also pay for it. I'm just aware or try to be aware of what goes in my mouth. I think its trial and error you know your body and how you feel but with the fog that surrounds my brain sometimes its hard to concentrate on excactly all health issues all the time .


Mist - February 19

By the wat that is "can't burn the same amount of calories"


Pam - February 24

Sugars are a problem for everyone and foods that break down quickly into sugar are a problem. As far as grain foods go, wheat is an allergy problem for loads of people who have irritable bowel problems, though it doesn't always show up on an alergy test. Grains take a long time to grow. They are out in the fields for a long time and are susceptible to mold and fungus (may be a problem for people with fibromyalgia). To combat this problem the grain is sprayed with a number of chemicals (may be another problem for people with fibomyalgia) as it is stored before processing. If you have have a wheat allergy and eat bread, you could very easily have problems. If you have a problem with corn and eat it, you could react to it. Here's a big problem then. What happens if you have those sensitivities and you eat corn-fed beef? I'll tell you what happens to me: I get the stomach problems, bloating, constipation for several days, headache and brain fog, the fatigue comes back and I can almost guarantee that I don't sleep through the night. I am completely free of all of those symptoms if I eat organic produce, grass fed beef and other clean foods. I do eat a limited amount of grains but I carefully choose those I can handle. So, I believe that the maiin reason people feel better on a low carb diet is because they are not taking in as much junk into their systems, and they're bodies are going through the reactions they usually do when they eat grains. It is essential for a person with fibromyalgia to take a really good supplement especially if they limit any foods, especially B vitamins normally found in whole grains.



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