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Diet is frustrating me!!!! Just want to quit.
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bbass - September 9

I have been on a restristive diet for 10 years, on and off, mostly on. No wheat, no dairy, low or no sugar. My nutritionist put me on an even stricter diet,so now no corn, no red meat, no oil except for olive, no soy, very little fruit, no oranges. So, been on that diet for a while, lost a few pounds, went on cymbalta lost a few more pounds. Then last month I had yeast infection, so now the nutritionist wants my diet to be even stricter! No carbs, no sugar except stevia, no fruit except berries,no yeast,no vinegar, no condiments...they put me on diflucan again and this time I had a week of horrible-ness, body pain, hot and cold, headache, extreme hunger plus nausuea (sp?), constipation, sinus drainage, cold and flu like feeling.
I have had it! I cancelled my next appointment with nurtritionist. My body can not handle any sort of die off, or diet change. Sorry for my little hissy fit, but I am FED UP with diet and food. I want just a little food pill that I can take 3 a day.
Oh, since I am venting, it is also miserable to have to make two different meals, because you are on what is called "twigs and berries" diet according to my husband. My son and husband are what you call meatarians with a side of cheese.
So...I have decided to try for more balance, trying to use practical wisdom...I don't know.
Just hoping someone can understand. Thanks


Fantod - September 9

I totally get it. My nutritionist is always after me about my eating habits. I am a "vegetarian in training." Truth be told, I am a steak and potatoes girl all of the way. I detest eating sticks, rocks and berries all of the time -therefore I don't do it. I think that you have to have some balance or run the risk of having the patient revolt. That being said, I'm sure you know that your nutritionist is trying to "starve" the yeast infection out of your body by not providing fuel like sugar. There is a lot of discussion among holistic doctors that Fibromyalgia (FMS) originates in the gut where about 80% of our immune system lives. Yeast can be attributed with causing a lot problems including widespread pain. Rather than cancel the appointment, go in and tell your nutritionist to stop acting like a nazi and give you a more realistic approach. If they can't or are not willing to do that, than find someone else. You are absolutely right in thinking that there is a happy medium to this madness. I have a good working relationship with my nutritionist because I tell her to get real when she makes a suggestion both of us know I am not going to follow. Take care.


tnichel - September 13

I love your rant. maybe b/c I work with females obsessed about following this diet or another. I haven't seen a nutritionist but understand where you're coming from. I'm the world's pickiest eater so changing my diet isn't that simple. I was up to three meels a day and eating cheerios for the perks of whole grain. But the milk and grains caused me to bloat to the size of a woman 6 months pregnant. I've cut out all caffeine, no potatoes and love, love, love potatoes and fries. No sweet tea, no breads, no large amounts of cheese, no grease...And someone mentioned something about not eating nuts and seeds. Now I'll just eat the bad stuff in small portions.I'm a sugar junking so taking that way from me would be like taking a bottle from a baby. Ugh... It sucks, i've been eating nothing but chicken the past few months but it's all my body can handle. And fast food, forget about it, I can barely eat it now. And don't even get me started on yogurt, boost and ensure. I hate them and I don't see how anyone can get that boost stuff down the hatch. Good luck on your reformed diet. Oh and why did she say no fruit?


axxie - September 15

I totally hear you, I stopped doing the berry twig diet, and I just eat mostly white meat and salmon (it helps) but I like eating it, and yes, when I have to much bread, potatoes, and sugar, I also get the yeast infection and then I hit the clinic and get me a little pill that gets rid of the yeast infection. I just try to eat a balance diet and try not to overindulge it works better and I'm not as fustrated.

I don't feel any worst for it, I just take one day at a time and eat what I want to eat, just letting a few things off the menu, such as the overprocess foods and the junk food.

I eat wholesome foods, that I prepare for myself and family, sometimes I hurt a little more, then I just revised what I did wrong and try to correct it.

You have enough experience to know what you can and cannot eat, you don't need mother superior taking away priveledges. Just watch what you eat, you'll feel better and I'm sure you will find other days to be worst, but then you learn real fast what you can and cannot eat. Everyday is an adventure. Just remember to fast foods and limit the sugar intake you will be fine.


Crayde - September 26

Hi All - I am newly diagnosed and read this thread to get some ideas on diet... OMG looks like i am going to cut out everything that i love eating.... I love meat (nothing beats a portahouse steak with pepper sauce) and potatoes, and i am a total chocoholic, not to mention my addiction to skinny cappachinos and iced coffees. I am the fist to admit that i have probably put on 10 kilos in the past 6 months, so i am in definate need of a diet to loose a few kgs, but geepers, its enough just dealing with the pain everyday, without having only rabbit food to eat as well.
Thankyou all sooo much for being here to chat to, i think i am going to follow in your footsteps and request the assistance of a nutritionist. Any other tips would be appreciate. At this stage the only thing that i have done is added magnesium tablets to my daily intake (apperently this will assist me to getting a good nigths sleep.)



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