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diet and fybromyalgia
8 Replies
cammie - August 25

is there a diet for fybromyalgia people , and tigger shots alo to help them relieve pain??


nottap - August 10

I know MSG and aspertame are bad for you. I used to get night sweats something terrible until I cut these out of my diet. Also plain old hot dogs give me a migraine every time!


Joni - August 14

I just disovered this website yesterday. It does talk about diet.


Jem - August 20

I am just trying a diet based around yeast intolerance, you also cut out additives, stimulants, dairy and processed foods. It is doing me wonders. I had my first pain free day in over four years just the other day. Its amazing, this is only after 3 weeks. there is loads of information on it. if you want further advice or for me to recommend books just post me. good luck


Joni - August 20

Jem, Would you please post some of the simple foods you can & can't eat on this diet? Thanks!


Jem - August 20

Ok, i'm no expert but this is what I know. Avoid dairy, sugar, chocolate, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks. You should eat wholemeal bread and pasta instead of normal bread. It is based around not having anything processed or refined. For the first three weeks they recommend cutting out red meat as well. I think that chocolate and bread are the worst for me. There are loads of products that make it easier like decaf tea and unrefined sugar. Fresh fruit and veg are best and organic produce as well. I'm following it from a brilliant book by Christine Craggs-Hinton called the Fibromyalgia Healing Diet. She has written brilliant books about fms in the past and has it herself and its definitely worth getting. If you want further info about the diet I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. Hope this is enough detail and is of some help.


Joni - August 21

Thank you Jem for sharing the diet information with me. I appreciate it. I am still trying to learn all I can about Fibromyalgia. I am 41 years old and I have been affected by this for 8 years full-time after trauma from my X-husband & brother, although my mother has it too. I have worked on getting past feeling like a "victim" and being a "survivor" in this. Sometimes I just take it minute-by-minute. My Dr. says if I am tired, sleep & don't worry about what others think. I sleep between 12-18 hrs per day with many interruptions (not restorative). I want to get better so I need to make a plan about diet, exercise, etc..


Jem - August 21

It sounds like you've been through so much. I've only had it for 2years and I'm only 20 so its very different but I was finding I was doing so little and not living the life I should. I've had problems with my joints since I was about 8 and have had surgery on my knees long before the fms came along. The best thing I did was educate myself about the condition so I could start to fight it. I'm not currently exercising like normal but when I'm at uni I got to the gym 2-3days a week and I found this really helped. I was given a programme which was low impact and within my limits. I'm hoping that combined with my diet I can really start beating it. I really hope you can too.


Joni - August 25

Jem, if u go to UNI, I am about 1-1/2 hrs from u. I live north of Ames. My Dr. put me on yet another medicine today. I have been unemployed all year(after closing former shop last Dec.that I had for 7 1/2 yrs) but am hoping to open a new salon in my home maybe next year & work part-time hrs if I feel better. I hope that u are doing better. Take care girl!



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