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tt - December 19

what diet is best?


Jean - December 9

I would suggest the Atkins, mediteranean Diets. Before you do this talk it over with your doctor to be sure your body is ok to do this. Like for instance the Atkins diet may raise your cholesterol levels and that would not be the diet to start on. However, it you just watch the carbs and sugars and citric acids take in small meals might do the trick.


Jean - December 19

Hi It. Any diet that your doctor agrees with will be the best. He would be the first one to confront because he/she will know your medical history. EX: Atkins Diet can and is said in his book it will raise cholesterol levels so that would not be my first choice however weight watchers, mediteranian diet are very well balanced. But again go through your doctor. Happy Holidays.


healthychocolate - October 25

I personally have had great success with chocolate... but not the traditional chocolate on store shelves -- rather a healthy chocolate. There are lots of people who are having success with this cold-processed chocolate -- which preserves the antioxidant value of the cacoa bean. Check out this link -- there are lots of weblinks which explain the benefits -- which extend far beyond fibro!


raef90 - November 11

I would definitely not go with Atkins, but not because of this insane cholesterol paranoia that is going around in the US (HDL's and LDL's are both ESSENTIAL to your body, the point isn't to over regulate your cholesterol, it's to have a healthy balanced diet AND exercise, and short of family genetics, your cholesterol will stay in range) I say don't do Atkins because carbohydrates give your body energy, protein gives your body something to build and repair your system with. You cut out carbs, you cut out your fuel.

I would definitely talk to your doctor or talk to a nutritionist, what you should be eating is going to be very specific to your lifestyle and your health.

While I have yet to implement a diet myself (I'm about to ask my doctor too and cut out wheat entirely for a week to see how I feel at the end of it) I am planning on finding out my own specific diet because from what I understand this is one of the primary means of clearing the pain fog and reducing pain.

Best of luck! Hope everything goes well for you!


Fantod - November 15

I agree with raef90 with regards to diet. You can drive yourself crazy for no good reason. I watch my carbs. I've cut out soda - diet or otherwise. All I drink is water. No deep fried food, processed lunch meat or other items that I notice make my pain worse. Personally, I think the latter is a key point. If you don't feel well after eating something, stay away from it. I try to watch my stress level and get as much rest as possible. I also see a nutritionist and a holistic doctor. Take care.


DenverAir - November 20

It would be highly benificial if you can see an allergist. Along with environmental allergies that can complicate FM, they can test for food allergies. I would also agree that looking at your PH is another important area to investigate.


axxie - February 11

Actually if you go to the allergist, it's a waste of time and money, because people who have fm do not respond to allergies the same way as normal people do, because are bodies do not work the same way.


MaryAnn50 - April 11

I just recently changed my diet for the better. I have had FM for well over 25 years. I have lost 22 lbs in 3 months. I eat 6 times a day - small portions - lots of fresh fruits and lots of fresh vege's. No butter, small amounts of olive oil, very little sugar, lots of fiber, very little fat, lots of water, green tea, seltzer and juices with no added sugars. I also do not touch artificial sweeteners; and I do eat carbs - healthy ones. My pain and fatigue are so much better. I also have way more energy - so I am now walking 2-3 times a week for about 1/2 hour to 45 min. I do not feel deprived at all. I do have snacks and some sugar snacks. Those 100 calorie snacks are wonderful. It takes alot of prep work - I always have fresh vege's cut up and ready to eat in the frig; I eat them dipped in humus... I always have fresh fruit cut up and ready too - I also make alot of smoothies with non-fat plain yogurt, a bit of honey, banana's and any kind of berry or fruit you like with a few ice cubes. Delicous, filling and good for you!!! Its really simple and I can tell you, after suffering with this illness since I was about 21 and now just recently turning 50, changing your diet can and does help alot.



tnichel - April 11

I'm with Marryann. I have been on a soup and soft food diet b/c of stomach problems for the past month that I have yet to get a diagnosis for. My fibro symptoms are much improved. I've been eating mostly fruits and vegetables. No cheese, wheat or flour products, greasy or fast food, no milk, pork or beef, and no sugar. And I really do feel great. I'm changing my diet permanently b/c it worth it...well, except the occasional brownie or starburst.


MaryAnn50 - April 12

Oh yes - I do have an occasional piece of SMALL cheesecake slice or a few cookies or a brownie!!! I am a woman - cannot live without chocolate!!!

But everything in moderation and small portions all throughout the day keeps you full and stops cravings!!



txplowgirl - April 16

Hi everybody,
I seriously need help. Just diagnosed at 45 with fibro after being in pain ever since I was 8. I am a big red meat eater. No red meat, no milk? I love milk. Anybody know any substitutions for milk with my cereal? I have cut out a lot of my caffine and been eating a lot of salads in the evenings and I have been able to sleep better at night abd I don't hurt as bad in the mornings. But I have cut my drinks down to just diet mountain dew and now I find out that it has apartame in it which is a no no. Any alternatives out there besides water? Plain water makes me sick to my stomach, literaly. I can drink with some kind of sugar in it but again all aspaertame. Aarrhhhhh! I can't eat broccli, cabbage, cucumbers or spinach because it gives me gas. Again aarrhhh! Help!!!


MaryAnn50 - April 23

There are plenty of things you can drink other than water. Try mixing cranberry juice (the kind with no added sugar) with plain seltzer water and add fresh lemon or lime. Try finding a green tea thats flavored - or plain green tea if you like the taste ... boil alot of water and seep your own tea bags - then refrigerate and drink cold. Or make your own iced tea - again make a big pot of hot water - seep your tea bags and refrigerate. No need to add sugar - just add fresh lemon. They even have cold brew ice tea now ... diet soda is probably worse for you than regular because of the added artificial sweeteners. Or you can just drink flavored seltzer...



MaryAnn50 - April 23

Oh, and a good substitute for milk is soy milk. It even comes flavored.... red meat is good for you, but in moderation. Try adding more fresh fish, turkey and chicken to your diet. And just make protein a smaller portion of your meals.



kellywelly - July 14

Good evening to anyone who may look at this tonight. I am almost 40 now, and have had many different conditions over the past 10 years, ranging from Symphosis pubis dysfunction,tennis elbow,osteoarthritis,de quervains syndrome and most recently costochondritis, and having read a little of the info and comments on this and other web sites, I am starting to think there could be a link. Can anyone help me please.
Thank you very much.


cooped - July 29

You may want to find a registered dietician and have a metabolic test done to see what foods your body digests the best. I have had good success with trying to maintain a good body pH level, trying to keep my body from going acidic, which seems to increase my pain level. As far as 'diets', you may want to look at the Paleo diet, which focuses on lean meats, health fats, fruits, vegetables and nuts.



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