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Changing your diet
33 Replies
lacie - March 19

I don't eat gluten, sugar, potatoes, peppers, citrus, meat, chicken, soy, corn, dairy, MSG, preservatives or chocolate.

I've noticed that I have more energy. I tried eating gluten again after being off it for a while and could barely get myself out of bed... I felt like my limbs weighed 200 pounds. It's a limited diet but the relief is worth it.


Noca - March 28

I dont consume caffeine, I dont eat mcdonalds or taco bell, I dont eat other greasy food either.


stevesgoodgirl - April 3

why does eating a certain diet help with FMS?


Angel777 - May 4

I have read about all the foods to avoid but instead of doing that I actually found a Food Sensitivity Nutritionist in my city. I was able to find out the exact foods and chemicals that my body is sensitive to by having a food sensitivity blood test. I have elimated all the foods and chemicals that my body reacts to and I have had SIGNIFICANT improvement in my fibro symptoms. Most days I don't have any pain at all! I can actually eat many of the things that are "known" to cause fibro pain and symptoms because I know that they do not cause a reaction in my body. It does take dedication because you may have to eliminate many of the foods that you love but your body may not.

You don't have to live in my state to consult with my Nutritionist. She can help you no matter where you live. If anyone wants her information please feel free to e-mail me and I will be more than happy to give it to you.



canadacalling - May 16


Could I have the info on the Nuition specialist with food sensitivities, I live in Canada, so this may be a problem? Thanks


Ashley Stevenson - September 8

Thank you for an interesting post. I have no doubt diet is an important part of a holistic plan to deal with FMS.


Lorrie - September 17

Hi Shari,
Could I have the nutritionist information too? This is my 1st time on this site so I am not sure how to email you. Please let me know.
Thanks very much,


rudegirl771 - November 30

can u tell me what you ate? I am finding lots of people listing what they eliminate but cant really find a list of foods to eat/sample menu. I have bought some books but they seem to be contradicting each other. Some say no peppers, tomatoes, chillis potatoes, coffee, caffiene, sugar. Others suggest pepers and tomatoes?

I think I could handle making up a diet but its breakfast that I am worried about. My ibs is really bad and I need to have raison bran. Any suggestions?

I really appreciate any help/advise.

Thanks and kind regrards



rudegirl771 - November 30

can you give me an idea of what you do eat, you have mentioned it is limited. Thaks in advance for any advice you can give me.




kvc33 - December 25

I just got tested for food allergies and found out that I am highly allergic to dairy products including eggs, gluten, some grains, sugar, and peanuts. Citrus fruits were also not good for me. This is the fourth day on my diet. I am going to be creating some of my own recipes for sure. I can have honey and cocoa so I mixed them together with some hot water to make hot chocolate. I am going to make some muffins with rice flour and tapioca starch instead of eggs. Wish me luck!


rbonita - December 30

I have notice that when I take Magnesium + prenatal vitamins ( I am not pregnant ) I feels a lot better. I have been a vegetarian for more than 10 years now and I can tell you that it does wonders for your body. I try to stay away from alcohol and sugar cuz these will trigger really really really bad pain!!!!! especially in my upper back and neck


justapain - January 26

I am new on here and just started reading the articles. I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in the mid 1980s. The rhuematologist didn't even call it that, but since, I have been told by several doctors that is what I have.
Going back to the 80s, a lady that heard about me asked me if I had ever read "The Yeast Connection"
She gave me hers, and it explained the symptoms I was having, and a lot more. There was a diet to try follow, which cut out all sugars, yeasts, molds and breads. Also, there was the nystatin to take. I did it, got the nystatin in a powder and pill form, and did the diet. Within a week, I was pain free, felt refreshed when I awoke and could function reasonably. This is for people who have too much yeast and sugars in their systems....but it surprisingly worked for ALL my body aches and pains...and lasted until I started adding too many allergens, started eating bread...the like. I really think that a lot of my fibro is triggered by just about every trigger on the list now... I am in such pain, body wide, almost all the time...and I think if I got back to a cleaner diet, pain would lessen and my body would change for the better...I have become obese over the last 5 years, and it has only made things much worse for me.


kvc33 - January 29

I think you should go and get a blood test for food allergies. You will probably have to see an naturopath for that and pay for it yourself. A person can be allergic to many healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Every one is different. The fact that you are obese also suggests food allergies. Yeast may have been part of your problem in the past but it may just have been wheat and wheat products as so many people are allergic to that.


January - January 30

Gluten free diet helped me a lot. I've posted elsewhere. I learned that a lot of drugs (especially generics) have cheap fillers (usually gluten) and you if you are very sensitive, just a pinch will inflame your small intestine - then it will take about 3 months to heal. If I get a tiny bit of gluten, I pack on weight immediately.

It took a year for the benefits of my G-free diet to really show. I dropped 40 lbs and was never hungry - and I wasn't even thinking about weight loss, I did the diet to help with severe pain. I had gained weight with the "usual" fibro drugs, which I also quit when I started my healthy diet.

I just got to thinking... if you're allergic to mold in the environment, you should probably avoid all food that might have mold, like blue cheese... I am bothered by cantaloupes and never knew why til I realized cantaloupes are often moldy!

I am convinced that much of the trouble we have with obesity (and other health and even emotional problems) is the result of food allergies.

Diets are so hard to follow - but if you can do it, and find the right one for you - it's worth it. Once you get it right, you stay on it because you feel so much better. That is the gold standard - how you feel.


January - February 2

Let me "eat" my words. LOL. I'm kind of vegetarian, but decided I need more protein - so last month I inhaled a few roasted chickens and lots of dairy stuff. Allergies are sneaky. Can't sleep; got a cold; gained weight; brain fog. Hmmm.... I know lactose intolerance is linked to gluten intolerance. But meat? ]sigh[ Anybody else?

Something went by on Oprah (but I missed it) about poultry being the worst meat to eat now - as they have overhauled the beef industry, beef is better? Anybody on a strict vegan diet finding fibro relief?


Cher0208 - February 7

I've been a vegetarian for 2 plus years but with all this s#%* going on I decided to slowly go back to chicken. As a vegetarian I didn't eat any meat at all but I did consume dairy. I was diagnosed with Fibro as a vegetarian and being back on the meat I did feel better but there are so many factors that I don't know if that was it. I am a huge sugar addict so I started eating a Snickers once a day. And for a few months I was on a gluten corn and soy free diet and I was feeling good. The nutrition gave me the go ahead to reintroduce the foods. So of course I didn't listen and started eating massive amounts of gluten. I had egg on a roll in the morning and 2 slices of pizza for lunch and here I go again. I'm in so much pain today. Also, alcohol is not joke. I literally have no tolerance for it anymore. 2 days ago I had 3 glasses of wine, which okay I know is a lot. But it put me put of commission all day yesterday. And today I feel horrible. Why do we do things that we know make the pain worse???



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