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Changing your diet
33 Replies
[email protected] - January 5

I would be grateful of any help available and would be interested to hear from other sufferers who have found a change of diet beneficial


Kelly - January 4

Stay the hell away from sugar!!!!!!!!!! breads ands meats are not going to help. when a natural dr. told me these things i said to her what am i suppose to eat i was raised in the fast food generation she told me i could have mcdonalds and cry for a week or i could get some greens and friuts and smile i chose to tell mcdonalds to get bent!


Jean - January 5

High Protien diets and the mediteranean diet seems to help this condition but before going on such diets inform your doctor.


Tisme - November 2

There is a very good book called 'Living with Fibromyalgia' by Christine Craggs Hinton, and also a follow up book called 'the Fibromyalgia Healing Diet' I have found both these books to be really helpful, even though I have many intolerances and cannot eat a lot of recipes in the second book.... I am definitely starting to feel better since changing my diet..... I have more energy and seem more able to cope with my pain......
The best thing I did since having this , and have lost weight too.......
I think it is different for everyone but I have knocked out wheat amongst other things, and drink minimum 2 litres of water a day.......
Good Luck....


Kimber2270 - November 7

I have been on a sugar-free/yeast-free diet for the past 4 months and it has helped alot. I'm not in pain and I have alot more energy.


Sonja44 - November 19

I became Lactose Intolerant within a month early on when I began to have other FM symptoms. I drink a lot of water and Propel. I take a very good Multi-vitamin and a Vitamin D3 supliment. Dr. Oz said D3 it's important for folks with FM.

I'm intolerant of alcohol (I get severe muscle cramp all over my body) so I no longer indulge.

Organic, pesticide free, hormone free...meats only and only in small portions every other day or so. Plenty of Fresh fruits and veggies from our local farm market (organic and pesticide free). And I get my eggs from a friend who has 8 to 12 free range chickens.

It really does help to minimize environmental toxins as much as possible and not living in a bubble. I only buy natural fiber clothing....cotton, silk, wool, or blends.

Anyway, That's part of my management plan that I've found to be helpful.


solanadelfina - November 19

It's a really good idea to get tested for food allergies, and also for gluten sensitivity, since new ones can spring up when we have this.

I've cut out most sugar, reduced my wheat and made the switch to whole grains (which I think have a much fuller, nuttier taste). I've also had to cut out bananas and grapes and corn, all of which make me really sick.

However, I've also been adding things. New varieties of tea for beverages in addition to water and milk. (The black's amount of caffeine keeps me awake.) I also eat almonds for the magnesium, more vegetables with season salt or Mrs. Dash mixes, and have added more protein which has helped keep my head clearer. For snacks, there are some crackers made of nuts and rice that are pretty tasty.

Everyone is different in what they can or can't handle, so some trial and error would probably be best to figure out what your body wants. Good luck.


Canada17 - November 19

After two weeks of eliminating white flour, white sugar, yeast products, potatoes, and citrus fruits I feel significantly better. I have more energy and less pain, the pain that I do have is more manageable; that is very good for me because I am not able to tolerate most pain relievers.

I will tell you I've tested reintroducing these items too. Potatoes are too high in starch, I might as well each a spoon full of sugar. I woke up the next morning with pains EVERYWHERE, a headache, my teeth hurt, and I have sharp pains in my joints, my stomach was not happy either. Sugar instantly makes me feel sick and in pain. White flour is pretty much the same, it also makes me feel really bloated as do yeast products.


change90 - November 24

Here is a very simple diet that was recommended to me by a chiropractor several (like 10) years ago. When I stick to it, it decreases my pain level by 50% within the first two weeks. And I lose weight! Weight gain has only been a problem for me since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. But with this diet, I feel worlds better and the pounds just melt away. It is very strict but simple and it works! Here goes:

NO Sugar
NO Red meat
NO Fried foods
NO Caffeine
Low Starches
1/2 of what you eat every day must be raw fruits
and vegetables, salads etc.

Now, I'm not going to tell you I stick to this religously or anything like that. I still drink my coffee BUT I do adhere to the rest of the diet. I only stop using it when I get depressed over something else and decide to binge on sugar again, which leads to all the other things bad for me. The first time I used the diet I weighed 184 lbs. when I began it. A year and a half later, I weighed 137 lbs. I went back on it again this past spring and lost 31 lbs in 3 months. And my pain improved greatly. Recently I relocated from the southeastern part of the country to the midwest and I have noticed that my pain level has increased greatly since the move. I don't know if it has to do with the weather or just that I haven't been sticking to my diet as I know I should. Once I get used to the diet, it's easy to stick to. Red meat makes me sick to my stomach and just sits too heavily on my stomach. I eat lots of chicken and pork; I do make sure that 1/2 of what I eat daily is raw fruits/veggies. My weakness is the sugar! If I can stay away from that, the rest is a piece of cake so to speak! I was diagnosed 10 years ago and this diet is what has helped me the most. Lyrica didn't work and I gained about 50 lbs on it that I am still trying to lose.


bmcgovern - November 24

I have alot of problems with food, I have a really bad stomach. I have changed my diet. I do not eat any red meat, No sugary foods, Greasy Foods, No Dairy. I have noticed staying away from these foods has helped a bit. I still have my bad nights even know i am eating good something can still set my stomach off. I do not take any prescription medication only natural. Any prescriptions make me sick except Prilosec and some for nausea. I also stay away from Gluten. I hoped this helped.
Good Luck.


KatherineWSU - November 30

BUT potatoes are my ice cream!!! I love them!


KatherineWSU - November 30

Hi Change90, I gained with Lyrica too! BUT all the foods you mentioned are my favorites - so hard. I don't eat sweets, but I love potatoes, red meat, coffee. Something has to change though. I am in pain, but to mention HATE the weight I have put on.


Canada17 - December 1

Up until about a month ago, I ate potatoes pretty much every day. Sometimes more than once.

Then I eliminated them from my diet for two weeks, along with citrus fruits, strawberries and raspberries, yeast, white flour, white sugar, tomatoes, peaches, kiwi, chick peas, eggs, cranberries, vinegar, alcohol, grapes, and I think that is all. I'm working off of memory right now. The only breads I had were rye (make sure the ingredients don't have yeast, some commercial brands do) and pita.

The very first thing I added back to my diet after the two weeks (which actually went by quite fast) was potatoes. I had some chips...oooo how I had missed them. The following morning, I felt achy, even my teeth ached! My stomach was sore and I had a headache. Then at lunch I had some oven roasted potatoes. I started to feel worse. I figured if it was something else (sometimes I wake up just feeling icky and it passes by the time I eat lunch) it would have gone away after I ate lunch.

Maybe potatoes will be fine for you, I hope so, no one can understand better than I just how good potatoes are. My family has always made fun of how much I love potatoes, and no one (save for my husband) thinks that I can "quit" them.

It isn't easy, but when you realize just how much some of your favourite foods make your condition worse, it makes it easier to stop eating them. It's kind of like a bad relationship, at some point you have to walk away or learn to live with the pain. It is a choice.


Barb202 - December 25

I have found that since I have stopped drinking/cooking with milk I have a lot more good days. I only use Silk. I don't have a problem with Tillamook cheese but if I have anything else I tend to feel nausea all the next day.


Kerryharvey - February 1

I too have all the bad symptoms that relate to sugar/alcohol/wheat/yeast/gluten etc & really know when I've indulged as the pain gets worse & my IBS symptoms become severe.


michelley65 - February 9

I too have a bad stomach,and have to watch what I eat.Gluten is a big no-no for me,as well as lactose.I was just daignosed with fibro,and am just learning that diet can make a big difference in how you feel in your muscles and jionts.


lacie - March 19

I don't eat gluten, sugar, potatoes, peppers, citrus, meat, chicken, soy, corn, dairy, MSG, preservatives or chocolate.

I've noticed that I have more energy. I tried eating gluten again after being off it for a while and could barely get myself out of bed... I felt like my limbs weighed 200 pounds. It's a limited diet but the relief is worth it.



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