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Celiac disease-Fancy word for gluten sensitivity
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txplowgirl - August 27

Hi Fibro sufferers.
Well, I was diagnosed with Fibro last year and in doing research I have come across info stating a lot of us who suffer with fibro have food allergies or sensitivities. Believe me there is a difference.
You may not think you have food issues but how many of you suffer from undiagnosed IBS problems? Some people has had their depression or irritability, mood swings as well as other problems reversed.
In doing my research I have come across something called Celiac. It is basically an allergy to gluten in your food. I'm talking about wheat, barley, rye, oats, modified food starch and the list goes on. Causes so many different symptoms that it runs along with fibro and then there are people who have no symptoms at all. And then there are other food sensitivities like to dairy and soy, I have all of these including an allergy to the nightshade family. That is potatoes, tomatoes, all peppers, okra, paprika.
My pain levels have come down from between an 8-9 to right now 3-4. Still having issues with fatigue though.
I urge you to go to and check out the forums. You may not have Celiac per say but you might have a gluten sensitivity as well as other food allergies. It has been a real life saver for me.
Good luck to all


Sailbirdie - September 20

Very happy to see others like me that are considering the possibility of a Celiac diagnosis being related to fibromyalgia.

My brother and niece are both diagnosed Celiac patients. I recently moved into their household and am doing the majority of the cooking for the family. I have been suffering with a variety of mounting ailments for the past 5-6 years and have recently been told by my rheumatologist that fibromyalgia may be a possibility.

As celiac can run in a family, I am now being tested. If being on a gluten-free diet is what it takes to get healthy again, then that's what it will be. It is not easy to eliminate cross contamination and gluten containing products in this fast food world but my brother has gone from very ill with strange symptoms that the doctors didn't know how to diagnose, to a very functional and contributing man. My niece has gone from a tired, non-thriving 5 yr old to a bouncy, sprouting glorious 6 yr old. Her problems are not over and we struggle to eliminate all the gluten in her environment but we have seen great progress.

Now it's on to me, if I'm celiac too, at least I have the support and experiences that my family has been through. If that relieves FM symptoms, that would be a blessing. According to the Celiac websites and doctors I have talked to, 1 in 133, are gluten sensitive and are undiagnosed, some have no symptoms, some have other problems like IBS, fibromyalgia, depression, and many other issues. Celiac is hard to diagnose as the blood test may not indicate the possibility one time but should be re-tested.

If you are in Southern California, there is a study going on at UCSD to determine why more diagnoses of Celiac are not being made.

I also recently saw a program on PBS about a Dr Mark Hyman, the Ultramind Solution, He supplements and uses gluten free and other diets to turn ill patients around. I have not bought his book yet and don't know if his ideas are successful in practice, but am trying to be open to the possibility.

Praying for the day that there will be gluten free selections on all menus without the fear of cross contamination. Thanks for the info and support on this forum. Best Wishes on finding solutions!


caligirl2001 - September 24

I was diagnosed gluten sensitive last November by elimination diet. I can vouch for the reduction in joint pain being significant. I had also suffered with a host of other symptoms from constipation to headaches and constant nausea. The headache and nausea disappeared within 48 hours after 7 months of suffering ( I had inadvertently gone gluten free on a shake regimen that I started to prevent weight gain after severely spraining my ankle, so when I reintroduced gluten, I suffered incredibly)

I still have some fatigue and am dealing with myofacial pain, but it is not nearly as pronounced as it was before cutting gluten out of my diet. There is a significant amount of data available that backs up gluten free being helpful for autoimmune disorders.


Tired of the pain - October 20

hi - new forum user here - I was diagnosed with FMS in 1985, remained able to function as a full-time registered nurse, and without meds until a series of car accidents rendered me disabled. Since then I have been diagnosed with widespread osterarthritis and degenerative disc disease. About 3 years ago, I was put on a Gluten Free Diet and further testing for my longstanding IBS only have confirmed a "Celiac-like disease". Trying to experiment with food not allowed on the Gluten Free Diet leads to much problems - abdominal distention and gas - ultimately constipation. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO EAT AT ALL WITH ALL THESE DIETARY RESTRICTIONS???
By the way, I also am on a low-fiber, gastric diet. So you see my dilemma. Anyone have similar problems / solutions ?
Please help


January - July 25

Thought I would resurrect this older post. It's short, but these people got results on the diet. Two years later, here we are, and celiac is still not being diagnosed much, but it's better than it was! It's a simple blood test - ask your doctor - you might have it! Celiac antibodies blood test. Or get a stool test. It's the doctors that haven't been educated about this disease.

I advise anyone who is interested in safer diets, free from cross contamination to call the big food companies - their phone numbers are listed on the products (or their websites) and let them know you want gluten free food choices! I call them a lot when I'm at the grocery store, to check and see if there is gluten in products. It is in more things than you can possibly imagine, like some root beers! some frozen vegetables! The sauce usually has some thickener made from gluten. This is NOT necessary! It's just something that is routinely "done." If enough people complain, we will all have improved health. Cereal grains are bad for many of us. Some of the latest research shows that maybe as many as 1 in 7 have some kind of problem with gluten.

Gluten free food is ANY food without the offending cereal grains (or their products) -- it's good, healthy, fresh, great tasting food. Instead of wheat flour, you can use rice flour or tapioca flour. You can use corn starch as a thickener. There are soy sauces that are NOT made from wheat, though most of them are. Things like this are tricky! If you buy any pills at all, make sure they are free from gluten. Don't use toothpaste with gluten. Etc.

Also, there is an argument over whether oats contain gluten or not. My vote is "yes," but you might get an argument from certain big companies that include oats in their "gluten free" foods. So it pays to call the company and ask exactly what's in the food.

Try the diet -- be strict about it -- if you feel better, there's your answer. Go to the website Dangerous Grains for more info.


January - August 22

Amen, Samantha! Celiac causes SO many problems, but they don't show up til decades later. One of the problems is osteoporosis, as your body cannot absorb the nutrients necessary to build good bones and teeth! I have degenerative disk disease too! And bad teeth! Had food allergies, asthma, and constant respiratory illnesses since chlldhood. Low immune system. Rashes. Hives.

One thing I've learned is a major diagnostic symptom of celiac is that you get red cracks at the corners of your mouth. These cracks are very sore, and if you open your mouth, the skin breaks open and can get infected. When my celiac disease was triggered by many surgeries and illnesses, I had lots of trouble with this problem. Doctors, dentists, NOBODY knew it was linked to celiac! When I went gluten free, it never happened again… except for the rare times I get some gluten by accident, then I get the symptoms again! Along with my other symptoms like joint pain and depression.

So glad your hives have cleared up. Hope you know about the book Dangerous Grains, it's great. You can google it and download it online.



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