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Allergy testing
2 Replies
kvc33 - November 6

I'm thinking about having allergy testing done but I don't relish the skin prick test and I hate needles as well. I think someone said that a stool test was reliable. What is the best test in your opinion and which labs do it?


hazelhealthnut - January 31

Hi, here's what I know from my own experience. A skin prick test will identify IgE allergies (the kind that could close off your breathing). But, for food allergies, IgG allergies may be an issue and not detected by skin prick tests. Also, food digestive deficiencies and other sensitivities can make certain foods problematic despict not showing up on a skin prick test.

After I had about a dozen items tested by skin prick, I paid for a blood test for IgG from the Great Smokies Lab, and it showed my responses to about 60 foods. Later, at an Environmental Medicince MD (I highly recommend you find one) I was tested for about 60 substances (foods, hormones, etc.). It was cheap, painless, and fast. And it correlated very well with what I had learned from previous tests. It included all of my problem substances. This test I think is called electroderal. You hold a small bottle of a substance while the other hand holds a sensor that measures body conductivity changes. A computer monitors your bodies reaction. You are not aware of what substance is being tested.

I then pursued NAET to reduce my allergy sensitivities because there were so few foods I could eat at that point. You can find NAET's web site - Nambutriped's Allergy Elimination Technique. It uses accupressure to retrain your immune system. A much more pleasant retaining experience than the typical allery shots. It took many visits because I had so many allergies. But I was able to begin tolerating more foods and to go off sleep medication (Ambien) because I had less cortisol in my body. The cortisol response was due to the allergies.
I know I was extremely skeptical of NAET when I first heard of it. But, now I self test substances. You would be amazed at your ability to sense the vibration of different substances.

There is an Environmental Medicine doctors website that can help you find one in your area. They are MD's plus they think outside the mainstream in how to address allergies and environmental sensitivities. And they don't do it for the money. It's way easier to just go along with mainstream medical conventions. I have great respect for the Environmental Medicine doctor I went to.
Hope these ramblings are helpful.


January - February 2

HazelHH -- very informative! I did not follow up w/ the environmental MD (not understanding what they do), but now I will. Appreciate this info. Thanks for the post. Be well.



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