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Acidic foods
4 Replies
Pikespeak - June 29

The Colorado Fibromyalgia Center states that a secondary cause of FMS may be nutritional imbalances/and or toxic exposure. They mention that some have a diet "laden with acidic foods and chemicals." Has anyone heard of this?


January - July 4

Yes. The Western diet is usually very acidic. (Gluten, red meat and sugar are implicated in this.) I've read a lot of alternative books that say if you keep your body on the alkaline side, bad things like viruses, bacteria and even cancers can't grow too well.

You can get lists online of foods that make your body acidic or alkaline. You can't always judge by the food. For example, things like apple cider vinegar are acidic (according to pH level) but when you ingest it, the effect is to make your body more alkaline. One old health remedy is a drink (or hot tea) of Dr. Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar and organic honey in water.

Google "alkaline diet" - there's a ton of information.


axxie - August 18

Yes, quite agree with you on this one January I have done lots of research and do have a few degrees in science. Anything acidic is your already normal menu is too much. If you just do one simple thing in your life to let your body repair itself is to eat properly and stop taking anything that is processed or overprocessed and fat. A bland diet for starters loaded with loads of fresh vegetable will have a big impact on how you feel your pain. It won't cure your fibro pain but will help you feel less of the pain when going through a fibro flair.


January - August 27

HI Axxie! Thanks for the comment. What do you think are the best foods to alkalinize your body? I read somewhere about a protocol where you put a drop of food-grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and drink it. Have you ever heard of this?


Jocelyn - April 21

Hi January,

I was skimming through some post and came upon your post about food-grade hydrogen peroxide. My husband had heard of this and a man he knew gave him some and swore by it. My husband took the hydrogen peroxide for a while, then the man died and my husband got scared and stopped taking it. I read a lot about it and it is supposed to be real good for you. I wish I know someone who uses it. I don't see where Axxie posted back, unless she posted on another stream. Let me know what you have found out about it.

Take care,



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