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A hoax?? Food allergy/sensitivity test to help fibro
5 Replies
dmmercy - June 17

Hi! What an encouragement to find this site! Has anyone tried or heard of anyone trying the allergy blood test (with various companies' names)? What results did you/they get? What was the name of test or company that processed the results?



momerath42 - March 1

This is an old post but I just saw it... sorry...
I actually had a blood test for allergies, but it was through an allergist that I was seeing at the time. I was allergic to soy and tomato, and have since learned I am also allergic to pineapple. If you are curious about allergies, I would recommend making an appointment with an allergist.


tnichel - March 4

I had food allergy testing years ago before fms diagnosis. I was allergic to most of the foods a love. I've had to learn to eat those foods sparingly. Cheese, milk, anything fermented or pasteurized (the mold) is hard on my body. My body feels toxic and sluggish...that's the best I can describe. Getting tested may be well worth it.


Mimi G - March 10

I have Fibro for many yrs. Have been to many Dr.'s they never suggested allergy blood test. But thru my own trials and errors, I can suggest not eating eggs, wheat/gluten,caffein, sugar & dairy products. Sounds hard...but if you are having fatigue and digestive problems. This has really helped me greatly. Still have flare ups with change of weather and stressful events...but diet and yoga helps a lot. Wish I could suggest a medication that has helped me...but I have such sensitivity to medication...the side effects are worse for me. If you have had success with any new drugs...I would love to hear about them or any of your copeing skills.


Draco - August 18

I paid a private company called York Test to have the blood test done, wasn't cheap but I found out that I'm sensitive to all dairy, egg white, yeast, millet, cranberry and a couple of other thngs I don't actually eat anyway. I have put it to the test and only eaten rice, chicken, fruit and veg and teh difference is HUGE, just avoiding bread alone and having Tortilla Wraps instead the result is amazing! Not saying that the sceptics for these blood test aren't right, but it did work for me. I have also now found something called Lactofree milk and cheese so now I can have the dairy and I suffer no ill effects, so the occasional milkshake or cheese tortilla are now possible again THANK GOD! :)


Fantod - August 19

Yes, I have heard of this. I know two nutritionists who recommend having this done especially with Fibromyalgia. The primary reason that they recommend this is gluten sensitivity. Many people with Fibromyalgia (FMS) are gluten sensitive and do not enough overt symptoms for it to be an obvious problem. Blood work is not always sensitive enough to indentify a problem with gluten. Usually a stool test is recommended. Gluten sensitivity is an inherited condition. Also, it can't hurt to know if you are allergic to certain foods particularly if you have IBS problems. Take care.



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