Fibromyalgia Syndrome Resource 


Hello, I am Dr. Michael Ho.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia, it may seem like frightening news indeed; certainly you have many questions and this document was written to shed some light on the condition and hopefully ease some of your concerns.

The purpose of this information guide is to make you aware that this is a fairly common condition whose symptoms can be greatly alleviated with proper care. It has also been designed to reassure you that Fibromyalgia does not mean that your life needs to be any less joyful or fulfilling; the lifestyle changes required to keep your symptoms at a minimum are primarily positive lifestyle commitments that might apply to anyone.

Roughly 10 million Americans and Canadians (about 2-4%) suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome. Most are women between the ages of 29 to 50 years old, but it can happen in either gender and to people of any age and race. It can occur after a serious illness, trauma or injury or begin gradually over time with no known incident. Fibromyalgia often runs in families (similar to chronic fatigue syndrome and migraine headache), suggesting it may be an inherited trait.

The good news about fibromyalgia is that even though it is a very unpleasant condition and produces painful side effects, it is not a degenerative or deforming disorder and does not interfere with a person's life span or overall health. With proper treatment and lifestyle, many of Fibromyalgia's symptoms can be reduced dramatically and allow you to live your life as normal.

Remember that regular rest, exercise, physical therapy, medication, and healthy eating habits can control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Some people who manage their FM judiciously have minimal symptoms for the rest of their lives. There is no reason that FM should stop you from living a full and happy life. Seek support when you need it and above all, be good to yourself-you deserve it.

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