Develop Your Coping Skills

Coping skills can you help you to deal with the physical and emotional aspects of fibromyalgia. When symptoms hit or when you are feeling down, coping skills can give you the strength and endurance to keep moving on. There are a variety of different coping skill that you can use for dealing with numerous different issues.

What Are Coping Skills?
Coping skills are pretty much anything that you can use to help get your mind off stressful issues, deal with pain, or even just entertain yourself with when you are bored. Whatever gets you through a tough time in your life can be defined as a coping technique. Popular coping techniques include deep breathing, massage therapy, and meditation.

Emotional Issues
Fibromyalgia is not just a physical illness; it can also have serious effects on your mood and emotions. You may be depressed or angry with yourself, your body, or with those around you who don’t seem to understand your illness. You may also find yourself resenting others because they do not have to endure persistent stiffness or chronic pain everyday. These feelings are normal and you should not be ashamed of them. Coping skills will help you deal with these emotions and channel them in a positive way. There are also numerous anxiety and depression coping skills that you can learn to put a little light into your day.

Dealing with the Pain
Developing appropriate coping skills is very important to your therapy and will help you better deal with both the physical and emotional aspects of fibromyalgia. There are a number of things that you can do to help you deal with your condition.


Helpful Tips for Improving Your Coping Skills

Ask for Help
Be sure to ask loved ones for their help whenever possible. It is very common to experience anger and frustration when fibromyalgia prevents you from doing things that you were previously able to do. By verbalizing your frustrations and explaining them to your loved ones, they may better understand your feelings and assist you accordingly. You should never feel guilty if you need a loved one, friend or hired hand to do housework, yard work or other tasks on those days when your pain is bad. Don’t blame yourself for not being up to the task.

Take Time For Yourself
Studies show that fibromyalgia patients spent 30% more time performing personal care activities compared to healthy people. Try and minimize these daily hassles that waste your time by finding ways to do tasks more efficiently. A good habit to get in to is to set aside a quiet time each day to refresh yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from your friends and family.

Eliminate Stress
You are well aware of the stress that persistent pain and fatigue can place on your everyday live. On days when your fibromyalgia symptoms are particularly bad, don’t be afraid to take it easy and take some time to relax. Anxiety coping skills such as breathing exercises, yoga, guided imagery and meditation may be helpful.

Keep Life in Perspective
Try not to linger on feelings of anger or resentment. No one is entirely without pain or stress; no one skates through life without feeling at some point that circumstances are unfair. Fibromyalgia may force you to deal with more pain than some, but remember that fibromyalgia symptoms are treatable and not dangerous, and they do not define who you are.

Don't Blame Yourself
Remember, it is not your fault that you have fibromyalgia. It is a sad truth that sometimes unfortunate things happen to good people, but remember that fibromyalgia does not diminish your value as a person in any way.

Say No
Learn to say no effectively (and without guilt) to eliminate non-essential activities from your life. This will save you energy and minimize your stress levels. It will also help to reduce symptom flare ups.

Keep a Day Timer
A day timer can be a very handy tool to keep you organized and make sure you are using your time wisely. It can also help you track your day and see where you spend most of your energy.

One Day at a Time
Lastly, you should always take one day at a time. Enjoy the good days. On bad days, remind yourself of all that you have overcome and trust that tomorrow will be a better day. Make sure you fit pleasure into your daily routine. Meet often with positive friends and family members: go to the movies, travel, just do whatever makes you happy!


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