Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in Men

Diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome also tends to be different in male sufferers. Male sufferers are often reluctant to admit to severe pain or discomfort, and as a result, may report milder symptoms then they acutally have.

This can make it difficult for your health care provider to accurately diagnose your fibromyalgia. Some health care providers are also convinced thatMen fibromyalgia affects only women, refusing to diagnose men who display symptoms of the disorder with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Treatment For Men

Because of societal expectations and gender roles, many men don't receive helpful fibromyalgia treatments. Men are often forced by society to deal with their pain quietly, and as a result many men don't ask their health care providers for fibromyalgia medications.

Men who experience pain are often seen as less "manly" and therefore many men don't seek active treatments for their fibromyalgia.

Staying Positive

If you are a man suffering from fibromyalgia, it can be difficult to stay positive and deal with your syndrome.

Here are a few things that you can do to help deal with your fibromyalgia symptoms and get the treatment you deserve.

1.Keep Track of Your Symptoms

Make a list of all the symptoms you are suffering from and how they are affecting your daily life. Bring this list to your health care provider to show him just how much your fibromyalgia is impacting you. This can help you to get a proper diagnosis and more effective treatments.

2. Join a Support Group

Dealing with fibromyalgia on your own is very difficult. Everyone needs a little support now and again, especially if your are suffering from a chronic illness. Just because you are a man, it doesn't mean that you have to suffer alone.

You deserve quality support like anyone else. There are many support groups designed just for men suffering from fibromyalgia. Or you can join a group of both female and male sufferers. Contact your health care provider or local fibromyalgia society for more information.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Society often dictates that men set extremely challenging goals for themselves. Men are often expected to care single-handedly for their partner, children, parents, and friends. This doesn't leave much time for taking care of yourself. Try to set small, attainable goals that will leave you feeling satisfied but not burned out.


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