How fibro and lupus are alike

The confusion between lupus and fibromyalgia may be due to the fact that many of their symptoms are so similar.

Like fibromyalgia, lupus symptoms tend to come and go, and can take the form of sudden flare-ups.

Like fibromyalgia, lupus is also associated with extreme fatigue, muscle pain, and circulatory disorders. In fact, up to 30% of lupus sufferers develop fibromyalgia syndrome after they have been diagnosed. However, it is very rare for fibromyalgia sufferers to develop lupus.

It is important that you make sure that your health care provider diagnoses you correctly. Many fibromyalgia sufferers who have been diagnosed with lupus have received treatment that has provided them with little or no pain relief and which has instead only complicated their condition.

Likewise, if you do have lupus, ask your health care provider to check you out for fibromyalgia, so that you can begin to treat those symptoms effectively too.


Table of Contents
1. Lupus
2. Aching muscles?
3. Lupus, fibro or both?
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