Have you forgotten where you put your keys again? Having trouble remembering what you were supposed to do this afternoon? Do you have difficulty finding the right words to use to express yourself? If you are experiencing some or all of these memory problems you may be suffering from fibrofog.

Fibrofog refers to a variety of cognitive impairments that fibromyalgia sufferers experience with the disorder. Fibrofog can be one of the most stressful and upsetting fibromyalgia symptoms. If you know someone with fibromyalgia syndrome or if you are suffering from the illness, keep an eye out for the indicators of fibrofog.

How Can You Get Out Of The Fibro Fog?

What is Fibrofog?

Fibrofog is a term given to the variety of cognitive problems that many fibromyalgia sufferers face during their illness. Fibrofog encompasses memory loss, difficulties using language, and difficulties with learning. These symptoms tend to descend in a haze or "fog," around the sufferer. Fibrofogs can occur at any time and can vary in intensity when they do occur. Fibrofogs tend to be at their most severe during flare ups in pain.

Fibrofog affects about both women and men who have fibromyalgia pain, though it tends to hit women more often. Women between the ages of 30 and 50 are most likely to be affected by fibrofog. Episodes of fibrofog typically last only a few days, though sometimes severe fibrofog can last for weeks or even months.

Symptoms of Fibrofog

Fibrofog is one of the most common yet unrecognized symptoms of fibromyalgia. If you have fibromyalgia signs and symptoms it is important to be aware of fibrofog so that you can seek appropriate treatment and manage your illness more effectively.

Some symptoms of fibrofog include:

  • short term memory loss
  • difficulty remembering where you put things
  • difficulty remembering plans
  • difficulty with language, including trouble holding conversations, understanding conversations, and expressing thoughts
  • difficulty finding the "right" word to use in conversation
  • trouble remembering simple numbers
  • transposing letters and numbers
  • trouble concentrating and focusing
  • trouble retaining new information
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Hi, NUTGURL. I was like you for so many years and finally asked for meds back in 2010. I was given gabapentin (Neurontin), 300 mg 3 times a day and is 2017 and I'm still on the same dose. There's no pain unless I forget to take it. I don't have side effects that I know of. May be an option!
I've lived with Fibro for 20 years now. It took several years before I was properly diagnosed. I take Lyrica, which helps,but my dose has been increased to the maximum 450mg per day . That's a lot. And it causes weight gain which is hard to lose. It fluctuates 10-15lbs every couple months. Nutgurl, on those rare occasions when I run out before my script is filled, I use Ropinirole (which is for restless leg syndrome) 2mg and it eases the symptoms. I still haven't figured out how to get my diet right. I hate the effects of Fibrofog and everything that goes along with fibromyalgia but ......there are those rare occasions when their is very few symptoms and I am grateful.
fibro is so painful and a very discomforting in so many ways some days I just don't ever want to crawl out of bed. I have found that an electric blanket works very well with the pain of the cold that kicks my ass in the winter time. I just wish that there were more drugs to help lie lyrica because of me being allergic to it till then I will just have to rely on narcotics and heating pads and electric blankets for what little bit that they do help.
Their are no cures for this horrible illness.And that is coming from (Crankyclown) !