Treating Non-Allergic Rhinitis

Treating the symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis can be very complicated because of the wide variety of triggers that most sufferers have. Usually, treatment of nasal allergies depends upon the trigger that causes that allergy.

Unfortunately, because non-allergic rhinitis has so many triggers, treatment can be extremely difficult.


Certain medications are recommended for use in non-allergenic rhinitis. Intranasal corticosteroids have proven to effectively reduce symptoms in most sufferers.

These are steroid sprays that you simply spray up your nostrils. Topical corticosteroids are also recommended. Daily use of oral antihistamines are not advised for sufferers of non-allergenic rhinitis.

Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation is also a good way to get relief from those rhinitis symptoms. Washing out your nose with a salt solution can help to reduce nasal swelling and congestion as well as get rid of excess mucous and nasal crust.

Simply combine some warm water with salt and, either using a syringe or WaterPik, spray the water into your nostrils. This can be done numerous times a day.


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