Try to kick the habit

Do your best to cut nicotine out of your lifestyle. You might have heard about those vaporizers for sale, which is becoming a trend now because of its health benefits, you can go ahead and try them. Ask your physician about a smoking cessation aid or join a support group to help you make the transition.

Poor Posture

We are all guilty of it. And if you are suffering from fibromyalgia it could really impact your symptom frequency and severity. Many fibromyalgia suffers attempt to reduce muscle and joint pain by walking differently or holding their bodies differently.

This change in posture, though, may actually be doing more harm then good. Compensating for body pain often throws the whole skeleton out of whack, increasing your muscle pain and fatigue.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of poor posture, speak with your health care provider about other ways in which you can reduce your pain. Try visiting with a physiotherapist who can help you to perform special exercises to improve your posture.


Table of Contents
1. Aggravating Factors
2. Stress and weather
3. Poor posture?
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