Fibromyalgia Aggravating Factors

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome, then you are probably sick and tired of all the pain. From backaches to chronic headaches, fibromyalgia symptoms can really take their toll on you. To make matters worse, certain environmental, emotional, and physical factors can trigger symptoms or exacerbate existing symptoms. Be sure to find out which factors triggers your fibromyalgia symptoms and work to avoid them.

It can be hard to know when to stop sometimes, particularly if you are suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome. What you were once able to do easily may now be quite difficult to undertake. In particular, exercise and physical activity may be quite tiring. You may also find that if you overexert yourself, you are in for quite a symptom flareup.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers report an increase in their pain and suffering after exercise or other forms of physical activity. In particular, overexertion tends to increase the severity of muscle pain and fatigue. Overexertion may cause an increase in substance P, which may be responsible for causing pain in fibromaylgia patients.

In order to prevent flareups caused by overexertion, plan your activities carefully. Limit your exercise to five or ten minutes a day, until you feel strong enough to increase the length or intensity of your workouts. Reschedule unnecessary appointments and try to reduce your workload, so that you don't overdo it.

Stress is often a good thing in our lives. After all, without a little bit of stress we wouldn't get anything done at all: our work would sit abandoned on our desks, our dishes would be left dirty in the sink, and we wouldn't ever take the dog out for his daily walk. But sometimes stress levels can rise and become unhealthy for us. And if you are suffering from fibromyalgia, you should be especially careful about the amount of stress you are experiencing.

It appears that stress plays a big role in triggering fibromyalgia symptoms. Episodes of emotional stress and anxiety can bring on muscle pain and headaches, or even cause anxiety attacks.

Even external stressors, such as loud noises or bright lights, can trigger these fibromyalgia symptoms. No one is really sure why fibromyalgia sufferers react so badly to stress.

It may be because stress can cause our bodies to release certain hormones. These hormones can interfere with pain perception in fibromyalgia sufferers. Others believe that stress increases muscle tension and soreness.

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1. Aggravating Factors
2. Stress and weather
3. Poor posture?
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I live in Alaska and visit Houston Texas for about 1 week every year. When I am in Houston my symptoms almost disappear. Perhaps this is the weather or possibly the elevation. I hope to move to Spokane Washington next summer. I hope that the change in both temp and elevation will help and give me my life back Peace Connie
Climate certainly has a lot to do with Fibro. I am moving to a warmer climate where the baromerer hardly moves, where I am is in the the bottom of Australia and the cold, frost and DAMP conditions are extreme, the barometer moves 20 points in a day sometimes and up North of Australia it only moves one point in maybe 3 weeks, it is warmer but the humidity doesn't seem to have the same effect as the DAMPNESS! Winter temperatures range from -5 deg over night to a top of 5 deg during the day and up North of Australia the Winter temperature is about 13 deg overnight to 20 deg daily, much easier to live with. Take note of the barometer moving!