Fibromyalgia Alternative Therapies: Enzymes

Fibromyalgia can be tough to deal with because you appear normal but don't feel normal. You may constantly suffer from symptoms of the fibromyalgia syndrome, such as muscle pain, feelings of fatigue and even digestive problems.

If you tried medical fibromyalgia treatments and found little relief for your symptoms, then why not try an alternative treatment for fibromyalgia? Enzyme therapy has been used as an effective natural treatment for illnesses, pain relief, and digestive problems for centuries. It has now gained medical credibility throughout North America can help you reduce your symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Enzyme Therapies

Enzymes are also found in food sources, herbs, and plants have been used to treat all sorts of illnesses. In fact, the first reference to enzyme therapy appeared in the Bible, 2 Kings 20:7, where Isaiah tells Hezekiah to "Prepare a poultice of figs". When Hezekiah applied the poultice to his deadly boil, the boil healed.

The enzyme in figs were historically used to treat tumors, however are still used to treat leg ulcers. Poultices, derived from enzyme-rich plants are often effective alternatives to treat syndromes like fibromyalgia.

How Can Enzymes Benefit Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

Enzyme supplements and a good diet can help Fibromyalgia patients maintain energy for cell growth and as well as strengthen their immune system. People with fibromyalgia often display irregular nervous systems and a thickening of the myofascia tissue.

Myofascia tissue is a thin tissue that surrounds the muscles. When this tissue thickens, it reduces elasticity and slows the transmission of signals the brain sends to body. As a result, fibromyalgia patients experience pain, tiredness, and digestive problems.

Research shows that many patients have difficulties breaking down carbohydrates because they don't have amylase—the natural enzyme produced by our body. Amylase enzymes are needed to break down carbohydrates. Similarly, many patients also show a lipase deficiency.

Lipase enzymes work to break down fats. Therefore, without the proper enzymes needed to break down carbohydrates and fats and proteins, a person with fibromyalgia may compromise their immune system and digestive system.

How Can A Digestive Enzyme Regime Help People with Fibromyalgia?

People with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndromes that have started a digestive enzyme regime often show and improvement in their symptoms. This is because the regimen provides enzymes that the body lacks, and promotes cell nutrition by nourishing the nervous system and digestive system.

A number of enzyme formulations have successfully been used in people with Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia Syndromes. A few of these enzyme formulations include:

OxiCellZyme: Contains a wide range of digestive enzymes to allow normal food consumption. It allows also contains the enzyme protease to help break down excess protein. Take two capsules with every meal.

DigestZyme: Assists with digestion and helps maintain acid/alkaline pH balance. Take 1 or 2 capsules with every meal.

PureZyme: Contains a high concentration of the enzyme proteases. It helps break down protein and controls bacteria and inflammation in the digestive tract. Take 4 capsules, twice a day on an empty stomach

Note before trying and enzyme supplement consult your doctor for advice. Read the instructions of each enzyme supplement carefully, and take capsules as advised top avoid any adverse side effect from occurring.

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