Fibromyalgia and Music Therapy

One of the main issues for fibromyalgia patients is pain management. Most pain medications have limited application; patients tend to develop a resistance to them, and cortisone has nasty side effects. If you're having difficulty managing chronic pain, music therapy might be a helpful option to consider.

Music therapy is an established form of treatment that can be a valuable resource in restoring quality of life for fibromyalgia patients. Studies show that music therapy alleviates pain, promotes physical rehabilitation, can create a feeling of wellbeing, and aids in managing stress. In music therapy, an accredited music therapist will assess the needs of the client and create an individualized treatment plan which might include singing, listening, composing, and moving to music. Clients find strength in their musical abilities and this ability then carries over to other areas of their lives. 

The idea of using music as therapy is not a new one. Music as a method of healing was referred to in the writings of Aristotle and Plato. Modern day music therapy has its roots in the astonishing effect seen in servicemen wounded in both world wars after hearing professional and amateur musicians. The patients seemed to rebound from both physical and emotional trauma with the help of these performances. The results were so remarkable that nurses and doctors began to request that musicians be hired by the hospitals to perform for patients.

"Simply Put, Music Can Heal People."

 Says Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.): "Simply put, music can heal people."

Patients need not be musical in order to partake of the benefits of music therapy and there is no one kind of music that has specific beneficial effects. The type of music to be used in therapy is determined by the board certified music therapist. While it's best to visit a qualified therapist, there are recorded versions of what is known as prescriptive music, or music that consists of 50-60 beats a minute. This type of music can lower blood pressure and heart rates and even reduce pain.

Music Was The First Thing That Had Given Him Relief.

One fibromyalgia patient saw four different doctors yet found no relief for his pain. A friend lent him a prescriptive music CD and the results were so persuasive the chronic pain sufferer made an appointment with a music therapist. Music was the first thing that had given him relief.

Other alternative therapies worth looking into are dance therapy and pet therapy.

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