Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Fibromyalgia

An integral part of any fibromyalgia diet is vitamin and mineral supplements. Daily vitamin supplements for fibromyalgia are an important element of fibromyalgia self care, as they can help to alleviate a variety of fibromyalgia symptoms. In addition, mineral and vitamin fibromyalgia supplements are an essential component of an individual’s overall health, as well as an integral part of fibromyalgia alternative treatment and fibromyalgia medical treatment.

Vitamins and Minerals: A Closer Look

Vitamins are an essential component to any healthy diet. Vitamins are needed for basic biological processes such as growth, nerve function and digestion. They also have an important function in providing the body with energy and with providing repair.

Minerals, on the other hand, are the nutrients that are the primary components of our teeth and bones, and are also the building blocks for enzymes and other cells in the body. Minerals also help to regulate fluid in the body and help to control nerve movement.

The best source for both vitamins and minerals are whole foods. This is because whole foods have the benefit of possessing the following characteristics:

  • complex nutritional value: whole foods provide you with a wealth of vitamins and minerals, whereas vitamin and mineral supplements only provides you with a specific nutrient, making whole foods the best source for vitamins and minerals
  • fiber: whole foods are an excellent source of fiber, which protects against heart disease and diabetes, among other health problems
  • protective substances: whole foods also contain essential protective substances such as phytochemicals, which protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure
  • However, while dietary supplements are not food substitutes, daily vitamin supplements as well as daily mineral supplements can still have an important function in complementing a healthy fibromyalgia diet.

    Choosing the Best Supplements for Your Fibromyalgia Diet

    Specific dietary supplements each have a unique role in maintaining and improving your health.

    The following vitamins and mineral supplements should play a key role in the best diet for fibromyalgia:

    • calcium: promotes muscle relaxation and promotes restful sleep
    • zinc: also helpful in reducing muscle twitching and weakness as well as promoting relaxation and reducing feelings of anxiety
    • vitamin C: promotes proper cell growth and it contains essential antioxidant properties
    • vitamin E: develops strong muscles and strengthens the immune system by maintaining a healthy level of red blood cells


    When choosing fibromyalgia supplements, it is best to take into consideration which fibromyalgia symptoms most affect your daily life, in order to select the best vitamin supplements and mineral supplements for your individual case.

    In general, however, a multivitamin is the best choice because it provides you with a comprehensive source of minerals and vitamins. Multivitamins also avoid hyperdoses of any one vitamin or mineral.

    Always consult with your physician before taking any fibromyalgia diet supplements.

    When using dietary supplements, be sure to check supply labels for the ingredients they contain and regularly check expiration dates. Also, be sure to store supplements in a cool, dry place and avoid storing nutritional vitamin supplements and mineral supplements in hot, humid places, such as in a bathroom.

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