Flower Essences

Flower essences are becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative fibromyalgia treatment designed to alleviate common fibromyalgia symptoms, such as fatigue and chronic pain. But what are flower essences and are they truly an effective form of treatment for fibromyalgia syndrome?

What are Flower Essences?

Based on the belief that positive energy can diminish negative energy in the body, flower essences are individual essences that can be taken on their own, in prepared combinations or as mixtures.

Individual essences are sold at stock strength and require dilution. An individual dosage generally consists of four to six diluted drops. After being diluted, the drops can be taken on the tongue. Alternatively, the drops can be diluted in a glass of drinking water.

Specific flower essences contain specific healing properties. Flower essences work to decrease stress while promoting relaxation and healing the underlying psychological factors contributing to a disease, illness or condition.

What Types of Conditions Do Flower Essences Treat?

Flower essences are used in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including:

  • fertility problems
  • stress
  • addiction
  • hyperactivity

Flower Essences and Fibromyalgia

In addition, flower essences can by used to treat a variety of symptoms of fibromyalgia, including the following:

  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • chronic pain

Flower essences can help in treating fibromyalgia because they alleviate the emotional and mental problems that underpin this condition. In addition, flower essences promote an individual’s ability to cope with fibromyalgia symptoms, providing him with a sense of ability, while promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Types of Flower Essences that Help Treat Fibromyalgia

There are a variety of different types of flower essences that help treat FMS. These essences include the following:

  • red chestnut: this essence works by decreasing anxiety
  • olive: helps in the treatment of fibromyalgia in order to minimize physical, emotional and mental exhaustion
  • centuary: helps to build overall strength
  • cherry plum: promotes mental health
  • mimulus: this flower essence helps build courage and can provide an individual with the positive energy needed to confront common fibromyalgia symptoms
  • aspen: helps to ward off anxiety and panic attacks
  • rock rose: this flower essence is also helpful in reducing anxiety and restoring the body’s natural balance
  • gentian: minimizes feelings of depression

In order to choose which combination of flower essences is best for your fibromyalgia treatment, consult a professional flower essences therapist. Also, always consult your physician before starting any form of alternate treatment.

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