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One more question: high SED rate?
7 Replies
Xenia_E - February 12

I was reading that those with Fibromyalgia don't have a high SED rate, but I do (I think it was 70 or so)...Does that mean I can't have Fibro? Or can one have Fibro and still have a high SED rate? I have many of the symptoms of Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which does list a high SED rate as one of it's symptoms (and lack of Rheumatoid Factor, which I tested negative for), but I also have many of the symptoms of Fibro...can one possibly have BOTH syndromes? (Searching Google, I was only able to find one other person who had been diagnosed with both.) I just want to get to the bottom of whatever it is I have. :P



myself - February 13

It is possible to have a sed rate, but fibro might not cause it. It might be Rheumatoid arthritis or another type of disorder.

Mine is high and i have RA. Doctors aren't worried about it for some reason.


Trooper - April 15

I also have a high SED rate (82), and tested positive for RA and Lupus. This was found out after taking blood to rule out anything autoimmune before she diagonosed me with FMS. I went to the Rhumy and he tested me from head to toe and the only thing I came back with was the high SED rate. A high SED rate means that there's inflammation going on somewhere in your body. Sometimes it temperary (bad tooth, illness) and sometimes it stays high (sometime's for unknown reasons.) I was at my PM yesterday and we discussed this very thing and she stated that sometimes problems take a while to test positive. If I were you, I'd have my blood tested every six months (as my PM is doing) to keep up on things.

Hope this helps.


kctogetherforever - April 17

My Dr. told me that RA,which I have, and fibro usually go together. I have them both, so that means that I hurt all over all the time. Muscles and joints. I am trying to think if something on me doesn't hurt.....NOPEY..LOL or not LOL....Kathy in Tennessee.


Razzilou - May 13

Hi KC ~ My rheumatologist says it isn't that uncommon to have Fibro in combination w/RA, Lupus, &/or other autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed with FM in 2002 and had a sed rate hovering near normal for several years ~ in 2008 the sed rate test & ANA (for Lupus) both showed up very high & I'm being treated for all three now. My rheumy thinks I was "symptomatic" w/RA for 3 yrs. before the test showed it. So, yes, unfortunately you can have FM w/many other things, including autoimmune disease. Good luck with your FM and with the follow-up/watching for RA. Best, Razzilou Annapolis, MD.


mypain - June 20

My sed rate was high and I was diagnosed with FM. and tested for everything under the sun..

Good luck, keep us posted.


soohoschunsa - June 30

I've also been told that you can have symptoms of RA and/or Lupus for many years before the blood tests come back positive. So don't be surprised if you have auto-immune diseases in the near or distant future.


jahennick - January 12

I do not have a high sed rate. I only have fibro, not lupus or RA.



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