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3 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 6

Im probably as tired of talking about my rib problems as you are hearing of them .. but just wondering.. what finally worked for you?.. Did you ever get any relief?.. my chiropractor says I have intercostal neuralgia.. yet nothing specifies how long it lasts and what helps.. thanks... guess I shoulda asked you this before..


TERESA - October 6

What is intercostal neuralgia? I've never heard of that before! I still have my rib pain & the doctors I have seen don't seem to know what it is. My GP was treating me for postherpatic neuralgia ( which means nerve damage do to shingles ) , but I don't think that is what is going on. Have you noticed that there are a lot of people on this forum that have this pain or something very simular? Did your chiropractor know how you got it or how to treat it? I haven't had any luck with the treatment my GP put me on. He put me on Neurotin, then on Lycria, now I'm back on Neurotin.


Stephanie417 - October 7

Teresa...intercostal neuralgia is pain in the nerves from in between the ribs..It causes pain that comes from where the ribs attach in the back to the spine and wraps around to the front side of the ribs..this is why the pain goes in front by the stomach.. its pretty interesting.. only trouble is that the chiropractor hasnt really helped yet.. I was put on relefen.. an anti inflamatory.. been taking it for two days with no relief yet.. You should look into it..Its the most logical thing I have been told .. As for treatment.. no luck so far.. hoping you had found a good one !! .. If I do find it.. or if the relefen works, I will tell you for sure !!!.


TERESA - October 7

Stephanie if you do have intercostal neuralgia then the anti-inflamatory should work! Give it about a week on the meds before deciding. If your intercostal space is inflamed can yoou have a chiropractic adjustment? I would think that would be painful & make matters worse! I have been having a massage therapist working on me with a new technique called The Bowen Techinque. I have wrote about htis before. I've got my fingers crossed but I think it is working. I have less pain in my hps & knees, but we hvaen't started on my side yet. With the Bowen you can only work on a few places at a time. I've had three sessions & I'm going to have the fourth on Tues. Keep in touch with your progress.



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