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Nerve Blocks for fybro???
5 Replies
snapdragon79 - July 3

hi just wondered if anyone here has tried a nerve block procedure??? I have terrable pain in my back, I take 6 panidene forte a day to make it bearable, I have tried everything else, mobic 15, cymbolta, fish oil, magnesium, voltaren, just to name a few...I have had this fybro for more then 10 years, I have a great musculoskeletal bloke who gives me acupunture, but this only helps for a few days,I have tried diets and have been on the medical merry go round for longer then I care to think about, always being put in the "TOO HARD BASKET", it gave me great comfort to find this site, just because I know IM NOT CRAZY!lol...I am now more then ever determinded to find something that works,if anyone has had this could you please let me know how it went for them...anyone reading this site for the first time (like I did) and suffer from this dreaded thing, get on here and tell us about it, your not crazy or alone, thankyou to you all...take care.


Pikespeak - July 3

Hi Snapdragon! Sorry to hear that you have suffered don't say what part of the back is hurting--spine/discs or muscle? I took a statin drug to help lower my cholesterol, which caused me to have terrible back pain (a dangerous side-effect!). Once I stopped the meds, I was better in two days! I also have a bad disc in my lower back. I have had a lidocaine procedure that worked for a long time, but if I twist and bend I can irritate it very quickly! I am a believer in trigger point therapy, often having my husband find the point and the referred pain.


snapdragon79 - July 4

hello Pikespeak, Thankyou for the post, the pain is in my muscles that run up and down my spine, I have had a ct scan and theres nothing wrong with the spine or discs themselves, only that I have a curve to one side. When you touch the muscles they are tense and almost knot like and they spasm, when this happens you feel like someone has stabbed you! the doctors tell me the nerves are being damaged by this constant knoting, which explains the sharp pain when you take a deep breath. This pain then goes to my neck and shoulder muscles so much so I can't turn my head sideways...then I have acupunture and it seems to help but only for 2 or 3 days. Im at my wits end as Im trying to run my own biz from home, which works, but really wanted to see what this nerve block was all about and if it would work for fybro and maybe the brain fog that goes along with it! The medication I'm on now are the panidene forte 6 a day, 1 mobic 15mg at night time and 4 magnesium forte (400mg)a day, I have an excercise ball which I roll on and this hurts, but I feel that I must try to stretch, I like the sound of this trigger point therapy??? will google it.... thankyou for your reply I do hope that you feel better soon too, take care x


January - July 4

Hi snapdragon - I've had pretty painful back problems for years. I had cat scans and they didn't show anything much. Finally, I asked my dr. for a SITTING MRI scan - and it all showed up clear as day. I had a lot of problems the cat scans missed. They are done lying down, and don't show how your spine really lines up while you are upright. The MRIs, especially the newer ones done sitting up, are much more accurate.

What does the nerve block involve? If it's an injection into the spine, I'd be careful, because that runs the risk of introducing infection - and that is really a bad scene. I had big trigger points in my back muscles - and I got lidocaine injections into the muscle knots - not the nerves (my MD used a very fine needle and went really slowly, with many injections, so it didn't hurt), along with deep massage. That broke them up, eliminated the pain, and they haven't come back.

Also, I have had acupuncture that eliminated back pain for a few months. It's less invasive than a nerve block. Maybe you need to try another acupuncturist?

I'd try everything before I let anybody put a needle into my spine - if that is what you're talking about…and you don't say if you are talking about a block with lidocaine or with cortisone. If it's cortisone, read up on the forums about these injections. Many people have very bad reactions to cortisone injections - and they often don't help much over time. You have to keep having more. Research this and exhaust your options before you go this route. Just my opinion - research and decide for yourself. Good luck with it.


January - July 4

PS I have never heard of nerve blocks (I assume you mean cortisone or lidocaine injections into the spine) helping with brain fog! You might want to try some antiviral or antibiotic medication for that. There is some research out that it helps in some cases. Sometimes you have a low grade encephalitis (brain infection) going on. You can get this from something as simple as a mosquito bite.


snapdragon79 - July 4

hi yes I mean an injection of lidocaine or cortisone, Im looking for at least a few months of relief but am going to reserch it a bit more before I make up my mind. so am googling! don't think much will help for brain fog!



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