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Laser Treatment for Pain
4 Replies
Jocelyn - March 22

Hi January,
I went to my PT today and he gave me all the information about the Laser that he has used on me. At work tomorrow I will try to type it all in so that everyone can read it. I with here was an attachment button so that we could attached a file. Oh well.
Catch you later.


January - March 22

Thanks Jocelyn!!


Jocelyn - March 23

Hi January,
Okay, here is the type of Laser that is used. It is called: LiteCure Laser. If you type in LiteCure in your browser you will see all the information about it. It really works on trouble spots like my hip, but it is used for much more. Not all PT have this maching available. Perhaps, larger facilities will. My PT is here at where I work and he decided to invest in it, it is more expensive than the regular Laser machines, but it works so much better and quicker. My neurologist order ultra sound therapy for my hip, but he uses laser and was I happy! The Laser worked so fast after the first time he used it, I found a huge difference. Hope this helps. Let me know if you find everything.


January - March 23

Thanks for the info Jocelyn. I am going thru a monster flare of exhaustion lately. I can't figure out why. I'm just too tired to get much done - including the bother of going to the doctor. (Why make an appointment when I don't know if I'll be able to get there on that day, you know?)

Trying to just roll with it, and remember that things eventually get better…

Did the laser treatments and the ultrasound have lasting effects on the pain in your hip? Or do you think it's that you are building up your muscle strength… maybe all of it combined?


Jocelyn - March 24

Hi January,

I am so sorry to hear you are having such a bad flare, I know how you feel and the exhaustion is just awful.

To answer your question, the laser treatments definitely have a long lasting effect. I never had the ultra sound therapy because the laser was so effective. Building up the strength of my muscles has been an over all big help, I was weak all over because of the inability to move and my decrease in mobility year after year until I really couldn't do a thing. I could barely walk last year and I am now walking again. I do stretches along with muscle strengthening exercises twice a day. After my first laser treatment to my hip, I felt such a big difference, I was able to do some housework, which was great, until I over didi it because I felt so good and put myself back into a fibro flare. So my therapist used the laser on my spine to help lower the pain of the flare and he had to start me over again, by doing just stretches while I was in the flare, once the flare came down, we started with the muscle strengthening exercises again. As I have started walking my dog, my hip was a little cranky, so he lasered it again on my last visit. So, he uses only when he feel it is necessary in order to keep me moving forward. He has also done deep muscle massages on that spot which was very painful, but is doing well now. I think my hip will always be cranky, but I can put up with that as long as I am able to do things, like a normal person, even if it is only for short periods or time. It has been so long since I've felt normal, I don't know what that is anymore. But, I am getting better and I hope not to slip back. Of course, that is always a possibility. Just catching a cold or virus can put me in a flare. I am finally listening to my body and when I have a good day, I don't over do it because I am feeling well, because as my PT said, that is how you put yourself back into a flare. So far, I have had 7 good days in a row...that is a record for me :) I've even forgotten to take my Advil at work one day, now that tells me something! I am being optimistically cautious.

Hope you feel better. Please keep me posted.



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