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8 Replies
toots2889 - October 26

Girl ive been worried sick about you! I need you to come on and let us know that your ok. Please, ive been praying for you and have been hoping that we were able to talk you out of doing anything harmful to yourself. Im not gonna be able to stop worrying until i hear from you.


jrzgirl1 - October 27

I am still here, now since had that endometrial biopsi. I may now need surgery, I have not talked to the Dr since it was done over 3 weeks ago, everything i had done. pap teas, vaginal ultra sound and the biopsi, I am still having problems and worse cramps since before I had the last procedure done, plus my daughter is going through a very nasty divorce, we have to sell our house(I know the market is BAD) but we cannot give it away. We have put in over $6000.00 in upgrades and my husband is now putting in a bedroom in the basement( basement is finished) but i doubt it will bring in more money. NJ is rough to sell homes as is the rest of the country. our contract is up on march 6th, then it comes off the market


toots2889 - October 27

Im sorry to hear your going thru so many challenges right now! Just know that nothing is ever that bad, to which you think you need to do something stupid. Im always here if you need to talk. Long distance calls are free on my phone, so i have no problem talking to you over the phone. Im so glad your ok. Now i can stop worrying about you so much. I will continue to think and pray for you. Take care and know im always here if you need to talk.


jrzgirl1 - October 27

Thank you so much, it means alot


axxie - October 27

Oh dear girl, I'm so sorry that you are going through so much. First operations and buches of test, then your daughter going through a diforce and now you loosing your house.

Everything the government has said has not come through, they said they would help with people, who were going through loosing their houses, is just a bunch of talk and no action.

It's alot of people's fault, because they were too greedy, and the rest of us, after to suffer from it, because of their greed. Barrack is all of air and no gumbo, no action. I really thought this guy could change things, I guess alot of us got fooled, by the talk and no action.

Good luck to you


jrzgirl1 - October 27

I did NOT vote for Barack, I saw through him


axxie - October 27

Well neither did I, I'm in Canada.


Stacey373 - October 28

I've been thinking about you too, Jrzgirl. I know things are really hard on you right now and I wish there was something more we all could do to help you through this. Just remember we are all here to listen when you need to talk and just get it all out. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Noca - October 28

jrzgirl1 ((((((hugs))))



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