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7 Replies
Barbara - September 18

If fibromyalgia is not a degenerative disease, why are my symptoms getting worse (much worse)?


Anne Hillebrand - September 14

What is your worst symptom?


Brandy - September 14

Believe me Barbara, I have had fibro for over 30 years and there is no one who can tell me it is not progressive! At 52 year old my fibro is worse now than ever. But I will also add that I am under the care of an MS specialist this last year and altho she has not given me an MS diagnoses, the possibility of having it might explain my worsening symptoms.


TERESA - September 14

I don't believe that FMS is a degenertive disease. As we get older our bodies have more aches & pains. Having FMS just makes those normal pains of age get worse. We also let our bodies & minds wear down & thats when the symptoms of FMS start taking over, making it feel as if we are getting worse. Hope this helps!


Barbara - September 15

About my worst symptom, I suppose it would be the all-over ache. I am all bent over and cannot stand straight-up because it hurts too much to extend my muscles. The soles of my feet hurt to walk and I fell every aching crunch of digestion---so much so that I have to sit with both hands holding in my gut for about 20 minutes after I eat. I have intense fibro-fog about twice a month, and by 'intense' I mean I cannot wake up and nothing makes sense, nothing I read, hear, or say. Mostly I can tell that the disease is getting worse because it is taking increasingly higher doses of medication to keep it under control. However, I am very grateful indeed that my doctor's have found medication that works. That makes me luckier than most but most of it is pretty high-end pain killers and I don;t want to have to rely on them so much. Although not diagnosed until 2003, I've had this thing since my teens (which were long before the 80's). I'm beginning to agree with the other person who posted here suggesting fibro is a post-viral syndrome. Thanks for all your help, guys!


Brandy - September 15

I agree with Teresa to a certain degree that as our bodies age we feel the symptoms of fibro more. That makes sense. It takes us longer to bounce back from things that would never had been a big deal when we were younger. But I have had a remarkable increase in my over all symptoms in just this past year that I doubt came because I am one year older. So either my fibro has progressed or something else is going on. Only time will tell. One thing that does make a difference is positive thinking! So I try my best to stay positive even on my worse days. I wish you all the best.


TERESA - September 15

Barbara, have you had your thyroid checked lately? I am not asking you this because of all the other thyroid hype that has been posted lately, but your symptoms you just described werr almost exactly what I went through when I had Grave's disease ( a hyperthyroid autoimmune disease). It is possible to develope other conditions while having FMS, so you should not dismiss new or recurring symptoms.


Barbara - September 18

Teresa, No, I haven't had my thyroid checked recently but from all the information I've been getting from the forum, it's sound like it might be a pretty good idea. I will also investigate this Grave's disease. Thanks!



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