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Could I have Fibromyalgia?
8 Replies
jmtassey - February 4

I'm 21 and everything was going great ,right until 2 weeks before thanksgiving. It started with chest pain which the doctors said was costochondritis. Few days latter i developed constant muscle twitching all over my body and migrating muscle pains/burning/numbness/tingling. fatigue/anxiety facial flushing. my joints pop/crack sometimes especially my jaw. and when I take showers my legs/feet get blue blotches all over. my hands and feet are always cold too. Plus the drs have tested me 4 every thing from lymes to lupus and cant figure out whats causing this I am extremely anxious and depressed could this really be fibromyalgia? the constant chest pain is what hurts the most.


dream69 - February 4

Classic fibromyalgia but you should get a comprehensive exam of your thyroid. Hypothyroidism has exactly the same symptoms as fibromyalgia. If you are not on any meds yet, you may be able to control it with diet, exercise and Ginger root Tea.


jmtassey - February 4

Thank you dream69, yes they already tested my thyroid and tests were normal. When I told the dr about fibro. she told me that fibro. is something you get diagnosed with if the drs. cant find anything which made me feel like Im wasting her time. Also my mom has been diagnosed with fibro. but her symptoms are not like mine, which is confusing to me.


JJ1 - February 4

My symptoms don't exactly match those of others or those that are the "textbook" description. One thing that is very frustrating about this illness. The flushing of your face does sound very much like lupus but guess you are cleared of that. How about reynauds -- have you been tested for that? -- just thinking of the cold extremeties and blue blotches. Have you been given any meds?


jmtassey - February 4

JJ1, no i havent been tested 4 reynauds yet. but thats something to ask the docter to do. As for the meds she gave me soma, naproxon, and amoxicillin shes treating me as if i have lymes disease even though the test came back negative. but i have been on them for almost a month and the symptoms are still the same so i dont know.


JJ1 - February 5

I have heard that it takes about 6 months of antibiotic treatment to cure Lyme Disease if caught in an early stage. I am not sure why they are treating you for it if you didn't test positive, though. some others who post here (larry for one) has said that they have had certain infections along with their fibromyalgia that my cause or exacerbate some of the symptoms, so it may be a good thing to be taking antibiotics even if Lyme is not present.


dream69 - February 5

If you do not have a bacterial infection antibiotics will do more harm then good. Your natural bacteria in your digestive system will die. You will also create an imbalance in your natural microbial flora. That means that you can get an over growth of yeast such as Candida albicans. …………………………..Candida Albicans and Fibromyalgia ……………………..
“Experts believe that fibromyalgia patients are prone to undiagnosed conditions with irregular bacteria and viruses, like vaginal yeast infections. Many experts believe that if candida spreads and isn’t treated, it can cause pain similar to that experienced as one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. “ This website …………..”Causes and Risk Factors of Candida Albicans………..
Most of the time, candida infections of the mouth, skin, or vagina occur for no apparent reason. A common cause of infection may be the use of antibiotics that destroy beneficial, as well as harmful, microorganisms in the body, permitting candida to multiply in their place. The resulting condition is known as candidiasis moniliasis, or a "yeast" infection.” ……………..http://www.heal
………………..supplement your natural bacteria with yogurt or probiotics when taking antibiotics…….


jmtassey - February 5

tomarrow is actually my last day on the antibiotics which is good, I also see the doc. and she said she is going to give me some medicine that treats autoimmune disorders and if my symptoms start going away, then they will know what to look for. At this point I am willing to try anything to see if it helps, but I'm pretty convinced that I may have FM.


tcmby - February 6

hey jessie. i am also young like you & my pain also started in my chest which was dx'd as "costo" .... after several months of hell the pain spread to my back & shoulders & i started getting other weird symptoms. the chest pain is my worst too. my mum also has been told she has fibro but her pains are totally different than mine as well.... that doesn't mean anything... with this crazy thing everyone has different experiences & symptoms. it does sound like you have fibro, at least thats what they seem to call pain "of unknown origin" these days. its a dx of exclusion.... once they run a battery of tests that are clean they will say its fibro. they dont know what the heck else to call it. they dont know how to treat it either... take it easy :)



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