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Can you loose full function of your legs from fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
s75044 - February 6

My rhuematologist told me that he predicts that in a year i will be wheelchair bound and in 3 years i wil not even be able to go to the bathroom by myself. He caught me way off guard. i didn't know to ask? i have been diaganosist with fibromyalgia for 17 years, since then the drs. have added lots of other syndromes, a few different arthritises,ect. i have been going to this dr. for about 5 years. i can still get out of bed on my own, care for myself, walk around the house usually with no help. When i leave home i use a cane or walker depending how much walking is envolved. i've done water pt and pysical pt and never saw any noticeable improve ment. Oh i'm 47 years old, and way to slow to work anywhere. Question can fibromyalgia cause you to loose full function of your legs. i thought this disease only triggered muscle spasm and lots of pain?


JJ1 - February 6

Someone else who posted here said their doctor told them the same thing. I have not heard this before. I wonder if it could be another one of the syndromes or illnesses the doctors say you have. You mentioned a "few different arthritises" - did they mention rhematoid arthritis, because I think that may be degenerative. You may want to get a second opinion on something like this.


s75044 - February 6

you could be right about another illness. the dr. said that it would be time for me to get knee replacements, but he found that all his fibromyalgia patients still had as much pain after the surgery heal as before. could not getting knee replacements cause inablitity to walk?


JJ1 - February 6

If your doc is recommending knee replacements for fibromyalgia, I think you should find a new doctor.


s75044 - February 7

the knee replacements is because of my arthritis, not the fibromyalgia. he said the connective tissue would still cause pain after the surgery, even though the knee joint would be fixed. sorry that i didn,t make that clear.


JJ1 - February 7

That does make more sense. Sorry I misunderstood.


lmb2 - February 7

I read that in fibromyalgia, "pain memories" can be formed, so that could be why you would still feel the pain after the surgery. If you are walking with pain now, maybe you would still be able to walk with the pain after since the joint would be fixed?? I hope you find something to make you feel better and wish you the best :)



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