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Can it be Fibromyalgia with a positive ANA?
9 Replies
Lauren - December 31

I have a positive ANA & Hashimotos Thyroidiits that I developed after the birth of my first child. The rhemuatologist says Lupus but I feel like my symptoms are better described my fibromyalgia except I do get a rash across my face when I go in the sun & feel run down. Steroids don't seem to help much. I have been prescribed plaquenil but haven't started taking yet because I am afraid I am being misdiagnosed.


Jean - November 30

Hi Lauren: Lupus is also a very hard diagnosis and it depends on how long you have been with this doctor since it takes time in developing lupus over the years. The same goes with Fibromyalgia. The medication the was prescribed is for Lupus but if you feel you are being misdianosed there is no harm in getting second and third opinions to make sure the diagnosis is what it is. Lupus and fibromyalgia do mimic each other but with lupus you need to find out for sure so you can start taking the medication. The rash you say you get over your nose is a sign and the ANA being positive is a sign but still it does not mean you have lupus. However statistickly 95% of people who have the positive ANA do come down with Lupus. So, I say start the medication while you are getting your second and third opinions just in case it is Lupus then you have a start in bringing it to remission. This is in your court, it is a very difficult decision. Remember Lupus is an inflammatory autoimmune disorder and Fibromyalgia is not inflamatory if that helps you out any. Do you run temperatures up to 100 degrees is another sign of Lupus. It can also mimic RA. The medication given to you is also given to RA people. Sort this out and talk to your doctor some more and read up on Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Let us know and I know this is hard but we must do what we can to get the right treatment plan. Put all the factors into a bucket and find what is the right thing for you to do. lots of hugs


Cassie - November 30

In my last blood tests that I got because of all the aches I was having it came up ANA Positive 1+, I looked all over and couldn't find out what the 1+ meant but found that ANA was related to Fibro? I asked the dr what it meant and he just said that it was inconclusive and walked out... Anyone have any ideas?


Jean - December 1

Hi Cassie: I don't see where it says in the information on Fibrmyalgia that ANA relates to this. I think a positive ANA is a probable for Lupus but that is inconclusive also. It takes time for Lupus to be diagnosed and there really is nothing more to say except wait and see. I'm sorry I could not be more specific but when we deal with all these chronic illnessess that occur it just takes time to sort it all out. Try being patient and do what you can to eliviate the symptoms with your doctor and it may take more time and tests for it to come to the surface.


Jean - December 1

Hi Lauren: I was reading some more on your diagnosis and I have a question for you. Does anyone in your family have Hashimotos Thyroiditis? It may be inhereted.


Debbie L - December 1

Lauren, I also have a positive ANA and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Last year my Rheumatologist said I also have Fibro and a couple other autoimmune diseases. I saw him last month and he now says I have Lupus. All these disorders have similar symptoms and it can be really confusing. The positive ANA is the sign of possible Lupus or other autoimmune diseases. There are no blood tests to diagnose Fibro so you really never know. I think they are all related in some way. I am sure your doctor put you on Plaquenil for a reason. This is usually given for severe joint pain, which you can have with Lupus and Fibro. If you don’t feel comfortable with your diagnoses don’t take the medication and get a second opinion. That medication has a lot of side effects on Lupus people. I am not on any medication even though I feel really bad at times. I manage my pain with exercise and Motrin when I need it. Take care.


Jean - December 2

Thank you Debbie for your insight.


Suzanne - December 28

It sounds like lupus to me but remember ALOT/MOST people that have lupus also tend to have fibromyalgia as well ! If your insurance will pay for a 2nd opinion, I sugges tthat you get a 2nd opinion if you are not comfortable with your DX !
Great luck !


Andrea - December 31

I have a postive ana, and for awhile they thought i had lupus but for some reason the follow up never happened i'm seeing a new rheumy in feb cuz i am so frustrated...I get burns on my face when i go out in the sun...too...anyway way off topic have you been to a second opinion try an endocrinologist, I used to work for one.


barbar - December 18

Can you give us an update on how well you're doing?



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