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Arms and legs painfully "stuck" after sleep.
7 Replies
kendrall22 - November 21

I am 29 yrs old and have fms since I was 22. It's been a constant in my life since it started. 4 months ago, I had my 3rd child and for a good 6 weeks or so, I wasn't in a lot of pain after I had him. Recently, when I wake up, even after a nap, my arms and legs feel stuck in the position I was sleeping in. PAINFULLY stuck. I can't use the specific arm or leg to extend it because the muscles over that joint (knee or elbow) are in such pain. I literally have to use my other limbs to stretch my arm or leg out. It's really disturbing to feel this loss of control of my own body. My symptoms have gotten worse and worse over the years and every time something else strikes, I get really scared. I also have been having chest pain which is apparently normal for fms. I wonder if by the time I'm 40, I'm going to be in a wheel chair or even able to play with my kids.


kendrall22 - November 21

I got lost in my babbling!! My question was, has anyone ever experienced this pain? I'm aware of morning stiffness, but it isn't the same.


toots2889 - November 22

Ive had fibro for to many years, that Ive lost track of how many. LOL! Ive never experianced what your talking about, nor have I heard of this happening to someone else. I dont want to alarm you, but have you talked to your dr. about this? If you havent, I would recommend that you do. Fantod, is our expert on here, so hopefully she will read your post and respond to it. If this is something that does occur with fibro, she'd know. To me it sounds like you have something else going on, and should go in and get tests done. My first reaction when I read your post, was possible MS. But like I said, Fantod is your best bet. Shes so smart, and knows alot about fibro and other related conditions. I hope I was of some help and good luck. Please keep in touch and let us know how your doing, and what you find out if you go the dr. to have tests done.


sleepingin91 - November 22

I get that too! But only in my wrists and ankles! It is pure agony to try and get movement back in the joint cause it feels like the tendons and muscles are stuck!!!


kendrall22 - November 22

Thanks for responding. This was my first time on the website and my first post. Haven't really figured out how it works. Do I just add to the original post and hope you or whomever I am speaking to reads it? Is there no way on the account where we can speak specifically to one another? Like if I wanted to ask "fantod", I would just have to wait and hope she reads it? Like right now, I'm just hoping you are going to read this with no notification to you!?


toots2889 - November 23

Yes, this is the only way for us to communicate with each other on here. The one thing I do if I want to get in touch with someone, is to put there name on the subject! Otherwise alot of us regulars are on here so much that we read all or most of the posts, so we know whats going on. I welcome you to the board, and you will get use to it. Do you get any pain meds from your dr. to help with your pain? I still would like to know if your dr. is aware of whats going on? Im just really concerned, with it getting worse and all.


kendrall22 - November 23

I have been either nursing or pregnant ( 2yr. old, and 4 mo. old) for the past 3 yrs. Before that I took Lyrica and Ultram. Currently I only take Ultram because it's safe for breastfeeding. I was going to a pain mgmt. clinic and all they did was refer yoga videos. I bought them but never really had the energy or time for them. I just go to my family doctor now but there is a new clinic that specializes in fibromyalgia that i plan to call tomorrow. So no, I haven't discussed it with anyone. I decided that my babies deserve my milk and I can suffer through the pain for 8 more months for them.


kendrall22 - November 23

thanks for the tip, i actually signed on because i thought of that myself and saw that you had said the same thing! Funny!



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