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canadacalling - March 27

Anyone tried cymbalta and felt really well from using it? I am anxious for some reports on it.
After using effexor XR for years and heard so much about it asked my Dr. and she was willing for me to try it. However, she wanted me to start at 60 mgs, and I persisted for 30. Please someone answer and give me the low down on this.


Noca - March 28

60mg is the average dose for patients. It did nothing for me. Then again, I'm on my 10th anti-depressant.


canadacalling - March 28

thanks Noca: I am going to check with her again, and try to convince her the cymbalta is not for me. I have cramps in the stomach, and very nauseos (sp) so am gravol to conpensate for the sore stomach. Yes, having fibro for a long time, I can say that I have tried different antidepressants. Effexor now is looking not so bad.


tnichel - March 28

Love it! Way better than lyrica for me. I'm ready to go ten rounds with my doc if he tries to take it away! lol. I started at 60 with no problems. If you have naseau your doctor can give you something to take until your body adjusts. And it may not be only the cymbalta. When and how you take your meds makes a big difference too so check with the pharmacist. Ex. you're not supposed to take elavil and cymbalta at the same time. I usually take one then the other 2-3 hours later.


Noca - March 28

canadacalling try asking your doctor for Stemetil(Prochloperazine) 10-20mg bid.


Noca - March 28

oh forgot to say Stemetil is for your nausea.


canadacalling - March 29

Trichel: No, I think you may be right in the connection with time taken on the medications. Thanks for that, also Noca, with the advice re the upset stomach on iron pills.
Now I have gotten the hang of getting messages answered, I think this site is really great. good day to all and smiles...


Canada17 - March 30

I tried one 60mg dose. I had asked my doctor for the 30mg dose but he didn't have any and in fact didn't know it existed.

I had an extremely bad adverse reaction to the one dose I took. I has serotonin toxicity, basically was poisoned by it.

If you can, try the 30mg dose first and go up from there. Hopefully your experience will be better than mine. It was frightening and my husband kept insisting that I go to the hospital, I probably should have listened to him.


Canada17 - March 30

PS - I took Effexor XR when I was 18, didn't have a bad reaction to it at the time but I had to stop taking it after a few months because I no longer needed it and was becoming high when taking it. In retrospect I was probably suffering from a mild form of serotonin toxicity.



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