Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Although increased sensitivity to pain is the main symptom of fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia syndrome and other types of chronic pain diseases form a family of overlapping syndromes. Therefore, even though the most common symptoms are pain and fatigue in muscles and tendons, often it is seen that those suffering from fibromyalgia will have other associated conditions and symptoms. It is because of these overlapping symptoms that fibromyalgia cam to be categorized as a syndrome rather than a disease.



Learn How To Recognize Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms!

This list of major symptoms of fibromyalgia is for your reference only and it is not intended to diagnose fibromyalgia, which should be left to a doctor familiar with the disorder. It is important that you seek an informed professional before jumping to conclusions regarding your condition. As well as, since the majority of fibromylgia patients are women, it's important for women to find the right and supportive gynecologist to discuss how menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause will affect and be affected by their fibromlygia.

Note, not all these fibromyalgia symptoms will apply to all patients. Common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

Widespread Pain Morning Stiffness Fatigue Vision Problems  
Nausea Sleep Disorders Urinary and Pelvic Problems
Dizziness Chronic Headaches Cold Symptoms
Temperomandibular Joint
Dysfunction Syndrome
Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity Syndromes
"Fibrofog": Cognitive
or Memory Impairment
Skin Complaints Chest Symptoms Anxiety
Depression Dysmenorrhea Aggravating Factors
Myofascial Pain
Muscle Twitches
and Weakness
Memory Loss:
Is it Real?
Weight Gain The Menstrual Cycle Troubles Breathing?

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Hi gypsy67, I feel the exact same way you do. So I dont think it's "normal" but it's definately common. Although I feel like i would rather sleep than do anything. I do what I can to try and stay busy. It actually helps to have a hobby or some kind of activity to get you through those times of fatigue. At least it does with me. Some days I feel like this is so unfair. I'm only 47 and I feel like I'm 90. missmew1, see if your doctor will prescribe Tramodol. I have COPD on top of FM and it actually seems to help with both. A little, but it helps. And we all know we'll take every little bit
The Mac
i too has just been diagnosed but my doc thinks ive had it for years it is just really rare someone my age and gender would have it but it all makes sense, doesnt make it easier to deal with but i guess its better i know
In the book," Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, &Lyme Disease", doctors state that Lyme Disease can mimic these other conditions. A doc can take a blood test, to test for Lyme. The syptoms are the same. We need to be treated with antibiotics. Mold sensitivity happens when we have certain genes. Lyme has to be treated first. An astma and allergy center can test for mold sensitivity, and only ceratin specialists treat Toxic Mold Syndrome. Ask a naturopath for a referral. Good luck knowitall
Hello Everyone, I think that I`ve had this FM for yrs. I was wondering if anyone out there also has pain in there hands as well as the pain in the feet but also the tips of my toes feel like there going to blow right off. Does anyone else get this pain in there toes. ( the feeling is like the nails have soooooo much pressure in them I sometimes think the nails are going to blow right off the feet) Thaks all
I was just diagnosed, but I'm quite sure that I've had this for at least 3 years. Im confused and depressed. I thought if someone could just definitively tell me what was wrong with me, I would feel better about it. Wrong!