Sex decreases pain

Sex helps decrease pain because it releases positive hormones in the brain, which reduce the distress an individual feels both physically and emotionally.

In order to reclaim your sex life, it's important to accept the changes in your sex life that come with FMS. Learn all you can about FMS and its effects on sex and sexual intimacy.

Communicate with your partner

Talk about these changes and your own concerns with your partner in order to stay connected emotionally and intellectually. Communication helps maintain an intellectual and emotional bond between you and your partner. This connection will in turn help boost sexual intimacy.

Another great tip is improving your self-care regimen. Grooming and physical activity can help you look and feel your best, and as a result help enhance your libido. Involving your partner in exercise furthermore enhances sexual intimacy so go for a walk with your partner.

It's also important for the individual in the relationship who does not have FMS to take a more active role in sex. This person can initiate sex more frequently, or provide new ideas to increase sexual intimacy, including new sexual positions.

This way, he or she can provide both a physical and emotional crutch for the more fragile person in the relationship, who won't feel as pressured to please and so can focus on the physical benefits of sex.

Planning a good time for both parties to be intimate is also important. While this may seem like a more calculated approach to sex, it helps ensure that both parties feel desirable and physically up to sexual intimacy.

For example, planning sex in the morning when the partner with FMS is likely to feel more energized helps increase the level of pleasure and participation of both parties.

Keep in mind though that sexuality doesn't just include intercourse. Intimate activities like sharing baths and giving each other massages can help rekindle intimacy in a relationship. They also stimulate relaxation, which creates a mental and emotional state conducive to sexual intimacy.

Talk to your doctor if the medications you are taking to treat your fibromyalgia are negatively impacting your libido and discuss possible alternatives.

Participating in our online forum is another great tool in relieving your feelings of sexual frustration or insecurity because it links you to others who also have FMS.

Discussing your sexual concerns and how FMS has impacted your sex life is an invaluable experience because it will make you feel less isolated and provide you with an excellent emotional support system. Check out our Fibro Forum.

Staying connected to your partner and your emotions will help your libido, thereby helping ease your FMS symptoms and improving your overall health and quality of life.

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